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Tamadoge Raises Nearly $5 Million for Play to Earn Game

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Tamadoge Raises Nearly $5 Million
Tamadoge Raises Nearly $5 Million

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The Play-to-Earn (P2E) Metaverse meme coin, Tamadoge, has already raised $4.75 million in the most recent round of its presale and is currently beginning the fourth tranche of its sale.

During the beta sale phase, a total of two hundred million tokens were purchased, resulting in revenue of two million dollars; the price of one TAMA token was 0.01 USDT— the Tether stablecoin, is equivalent to 1 USD. The initial $1 million was completely purchased within the first 12 days of the beta sale.

The price of one USDT was equivalent to 66.67 TAMA during the third stage of the presale. Despite this, after the milestone aim of $4.75 million was reached, the price increased once more to 57.14 TAMA for every USDT. The following benchmark has been established at $6.5 million.

The presale will make a total of one billion TAMA tokens accessible to buyers, which represents about half of the total supply.

The TAMA Presale Final Price Will Be 3x Beta Sale Price

Following this, the pre-sale will continue with a series of token sale tranches, each consisting of 100 million, and the price of each token will increase by 0.0025 USDT as the sale progresses.

The price of one TAMA token at the end of the presale will be 0.03 USDT, which is three times more than the price of one TAMA token during the beta sale, which was 0.01 USDT.

Tamadoge has amassed a member base of 25,000 for its Telegram group and has already racked up 45,000 followers on Twitter. The excitement that has been developing has caused these numbers.

Brand-New and Extremely Attractive Incentives for Tamadoge

The Tamadoge team has recently announced the introduction of a new giveaway airdrop referral program that will give away a total of one hundred thousand dollars. This announcement is guaranteed to pique the interest of prospective investors.

Once the hard cap has been reached, the winner will be required to have the equivalent of at least $100 worth of Tamadoge in their possession on the day of the draw in order to be eligible to collect the prize of the equivalent of $100,000 worth of Tamadoge.

There are nine different methods to enter, some of which are straightforward and require little more than following Tamadoge on their various social media accounts. On the giveaway page, you’ll find all of the relevant information.

Memecoins to Make a Powerful Comeback

As Tamadoge approaches the fourth round of its presale, Shiba Inu has had a tremendous bounce on the charts recently, at one point pumping over 30% over the span of 24 hours. This comes as Tamadoge prepares to release their new game.

During the most recent bull market, SHIB was one of the assets that performed the best, and as a result, many retail investors were able to amass substantial fortunes from very modest investments that eventually skyrocketed in value.

When compared to Dogecoin, the SHIB project provides more usefulness, which is one of the reasons why the SHIB community has been able to expand at such a phenomenal rate.

Tamadoge is another meme currency that has usefulness, which might be a reason in its early appeal among investors who want to get in early before the price explodes.

Because Tamadoge is a deflationary cryptocurrency, its economy is price-supportive from the very beginning, which helps maintain the value of the currency.

The gameplay of Tamadoge revolves around players competing against one another to go up the leaderboard by amassing a certain number of points known as “Dogepoints.” The ‘Dogepool’ is a monthly prize pool, and the users who have the most Dogepoints at the end of each month are the ones who are eligible to collect their share of the wins from that pool.

The Elon Musk and Tamadoge Angle

There are persistent rumors circulating that Elon Musk himself may be participating in the presale, and these rumors refuse to go down.

In addition, rumors that have not been confirmed continue to circulate, hinting that Tamadoge may have some seasoned backers on board who have previously been successful with other meme currencies.

Regardless of whether or not the aforementioned assertions are accurate, the Metaverse narrative that underpins the value differential of Tamadoge’s ecosystem (also known as the Tamaverse) is most likely what is assisting the meme coin in gaining momentum with cryptocurrency investors.

The road map includes augmented reality and virtual reality milestones. The project aims to connect with Metaverse partners early in the upcoming year and to have the 3D rig-up of the Tamadoge dogs available for the Metaverse later in 2023.

TAMA LBank’s listing on the exchange, following the presale, has already been verified.

A future listing on the LBank exchange in Hong Kong has already been confirmed, and other CEX listings are now being set up to take place in the near future.

Connecting one’s cryptocurrency wallet to the website 5a66b923931a8851e48a252348c79bc5 is all that is required for those who are interested in participating in the presale.

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