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Shiba Saga Price Prediction: With SHIA Soaring 21%, Is a New ATH on the Horizon?

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Shiba Saga (SHIA) token is trending top on DEXTools’ Hot Pairs List with 21% gains today. This new coin has garnered the attention of about 7.2K investors in only 4 days of its launch. Hopes are high among investors for a sustained upward trajectory, potentially reaching new all-time high levels.

SHIA hot pairs

Introducing $SHIA: Pioneering a Free-to-Play Gaming Ecosystem

A new entrant, $SHIA, has surfaced in the cryptocurrency sphere. It introduces a distinctive meme coin concept aiming to reshape the gaming landscape by establishing a novel free-to-play ecosystem. Carlos Rodriguez is a key part of this endeavor, acknowledged within the esports domain and formerly associated with G2esports as CEO.

Operating under the banner of Shiba Saga, the SHIA initiative is centered on gaming. It rejuvenates well-known titles such as Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Pac-Man, Flappy Birds, Angry Birds, and Candy Crush. The initiative aims to establish an accessible free-to-play framework.

It achieves this by connecting these games through the $SHIA token, facilitating smooth cross-game earnings and transactions. The core mechanics encompass calculated $SHIA buyback and burning strategies fueled by ad-generated revenue and in-app purchases.

Within a mere two days of its launch, the SHIA token has already gained listing on the Poloniex Exchange. Notably, Poloniex is the same platform that supports the Ethereum PoW work alongside Tron’s Justin Sun.

Carlos’s Token Burning Fuels Remarkable SHIA Token Surge

The ongoing surge in the SHIA token can be attributed to a recent significant event – token burning by Carlos. In a strategic move, Carlos has burned approximately $5.6 billion worth of SHIA tokens. The development has not gone unnoticed by investors. Token burning involves reducing the token supply, which often leads to increased scarcity and demand for the remaining tokens.

This action is perceived as a commitment to long-term value and can counteract inflation concerns. As a result, such token burns tend to attract a substantial number of investors who view it as a positive sign for the token’s future growth and potential.

SHIA Price Analysis

The SHIA/USD H4 Chart reveals a consistent upward trajectory since its inception just four days ago. Over this short period, the coin has surged by an impressive 700% in gains. Its momentum is upheld by an ascending trendline, serving as an initial support level for the cryptocurrency. A breach and subsequent closure beneath this trendline could prompt a reversal in its trajectory. In such a scenario, the next support level is anticipated at $0.4826, marking a decline of approximately 28% from the current price.

SHIA price
TradingView: SHIA/USD 4-hour chart

Conversely, the available outlook suggests a continuation of price growth in the upcoming hours. This would potentially lead to a new all-time high (ATH). The Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator corroborates this notion. Its inclination to the upside and approaching the overbought zone bolsters the case for an uptrend. This hints at the presence of further room for ascent.

On DEXTools, the nascent cryptocurrency has already amassed a total market capitalization of approximately $1.37 billion, accompanied by $5.82 million in liquidity and a 24-hour trading volume of $16.42 million. Notably, the Reliability score stands at an impressive 89/99, and the coin enjoys a high level of community trust at 97.1% based on 447 votes. These remarkable market statistics achieved within just four days underscore the significant future potential of this coin.

While SHIA has chances to reach a new all-time-high level, SONIK is another coin worth considering.

Alternative to SHIA

Sonik Coin is a meme coin that has gained attention within the context of the meme coin trend in September. It is currently in its presale phase, with a target of approximately $2 million. The anticipation is for a swift sellout and subsequent entry into decentralized exchanges (DEXs) before similar presale projects.

The relatively low initial market capitalization offers an investment opportunity for those participating in the presale, allowing for potential returns. Drawing inspiration from the iconic character Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonik aligns with a theme that resonates. This is particularly true in regions with active meme coin engagement, such as Asia.

Additionally, Sonik introduces a stake-to-earn utility, which enhances its attractiveness during the presale phase. This utility helps manage early selling pressures and fosters a perception of long-term sustainability.

The SONIK project has raised over $570,902 out of the set target of $2M. The presale price is currently $0.000014, with 9 days left for the presale to end.

Meanwhile, investors have the option to stake Sonik Coins in a smart contract to earn rewards over four years. This can positively impact token value and provide passive income. Sonik’s aspiration to achieve a rapid $100 million market capitalization is underscored by its stake-to-earn mechanism, aimed at reducing early-stage selling and circulating supply.

Sonik emphasizes a well-structured approach in terms of differentiation from fleeting meme coin trends. The website, whitepaper, and roadmap reflect an orientation toward long-term sustainability, potentially leading to a notable market capitalization of around $500 million in the upcoming year.

Here is how you can buy SONIK, and here is where you can buy SONIK

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