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Google and Apple Admit Ethereum App to Confirm Vaccination of Employees

Google Searches for Bitcoin Fall On Yahoo and Google In 2019
Google Searches for Bitcoin Fall On Yahoo and Google In 2019

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Civic Technologies, a startup firm based in San Francisco, has managed to do something quite interesting. The startup, having raised an impressive $43 million back in 2017 for its ICO, had made a partnership with Circle Medical, which itself is a well-connected affiliate of the San Francisco hospital, UCSF Health.

A New Age Of Technology

With this partnership, Civic Technologies will allow Circle Medical to use its software to have its employees prove to their employers the results of their latest testing for the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, this can be applied to the vaccination process, as well, as soon as vaccines are successfully developed for COVID-19, with employees capable of verifying their vaccination status through this process.

This app isn’t some theoretical application of blockchain, either, but is in use today. It allows its users the ability to prove a wide array of personal information facts. Furthermore, it provides for the spending of Ether, Bitcoin, as well as a USD-pegged crypto on the Ethereum blockchain. Alongside this, Civic has its own token, which is now available on both Google Pay and the Apple App Store.

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Trustless Technology At Its Finest

Very few people would feel completely okay giving away such a large amount of private information to any organization, government, or company, however, and those that are needed to develop a keen sense of suspicion in this day and age. To put the public at ease, Civic leverages the innovations of blockchain technology, which allows only one person to be in control of these a person’s credentials at a time. Furthermore, the technology doesn’t give away everything, sharing only the information that’s needed for this individual in question. Not even a name needs to be given.

A Strange Future Looming

In a hypothetical future, sports stadiums are opened once more, as it will eventually have to. Imagine a piece of software that allows the confirmation of tens of thousands of people, ensuring that they are all vaccinated with a hypothetical COVID-19 vaccine. What this would mean is that no one in that entire stadium would need to fear the virus, and could simply enjoy the event they went to watch. The software would allow just the person’s vaccination status, and not even their name would be provided in the scanners that would check for it.

The future this technology hints at, is one that many would imagine to be dystopian. It can very well be, when used in the wrong hands, but as long as these things are regulated, and the public approves of it, things will be okay. There’s no dystopian future, just yet, as much as some minorities decry it.

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