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For The Record Granted Blockchain Verifying Patent

New Estimate Suggests That Nakamoto Mined Bitcoin worth $10.5 Billion
New Estimate Suggests That Nakamoto Mined Bitcoin worth $10.5 Billion

For The Record, a platform that digitally records court cases, has just been given access to a patent that allows them to verify recordings via blockchain technology, a press release from the group notes.

They were granted this based on the 25 year history in this industry, the release also notes.

Speaking on the matter is Tony Douglass, the President of For The Record, who said:

“As digital audio and video proliferate across all areas of justice and public safety, so do concerns around manipulation of that media as editing technology becomes more accessible and capable. All levels of justice will need safeguards in place to ensure the integrity of original source recordings and blockchain provides a unique ability to immediately identify if recordings have been altered. We look forward to partnering with justice and other government agencies worldwide to embrace this revolutionary technology for immutably safeguarding recordings.”

Of course, the goal of this patent is to ensure that digital recordings cannot be altered or manipulated, as they’ll be checked against the immutable blockchain versions for validity.

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