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Dio Umaru Chan Token Soared 900%. Could UMARU Be The Next Big Crypto Gainer?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Dio Umaru Chan Token Up 900% Today. Could UMARU Be The Next Big Crypto Gainer?
Dio Umaru Chan Token Up 900% Today. Could UMARU Be The Next Big Crypto Gainer?

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Dio Umaru Chan (UMARU) was launched on July 17 and is available on for trading. It is a memecoin that operates on Ethereum’s network. 

Currently, UMARU is on a strong upward trajectory, leading to speculation about its next price moves. According to the developers, Dio Umaru Chan hopes to free the world by destroying taxes. Its users will not pay taxes to buy and sell these tokens. 

UMARU Enjoys Massive Price Gains as It Approaches Consolidation Phase

Dio Umaru Chan

UMARU has shown signs of price volatility since it began trading in the open market. However, it is gaining in the market today, trading in the upper region of the Donchian Channel (DC), a sign of bullish pressure.

Its Relative Strength Index (RSI) value is 59.13 in the neutral zone between the oversold region of 30 and the overbought region of 70. Also, the RSI indicator is moving sideways, confirming that the current sentiment is neutral.

UMARU’s Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) shows convergence with its signal line, expressing a bearish sentiment. Also, the MACD’s Histogram bars are fading off from green, hinting at a trend reversal and a potential downtrend for the asset. 

UMARU Support And Resistance Levels

Dio Umaru Chan

UMARU is trading above the $0.0001311 resistance level today, indicating it will retest the $0.0001505 resistance level. However, UMARU will likely undergo another consolidation phase seeking to build up enough bullish pressure to sustain its rally. 

The $0.00003427 formed a pivot point from the asset leading to massive price gains that moved it above the $0.0001054 support level.

Note that cryptocurrencies are volatile and deviate from predicted price actions. Investors must carry out proper research and risk analysis before trading cryptocurrencies.

Factors Likely Influencing UMARU’s Price

Dio Umaru Chan is a relatively new crypto project. However, several factors might influence its price action.

The Memecoin Rally

Memecoins have arguably had their best performance in 2023. $PEPE and $SPONGE rewarded early investors over 1000X their original stakes sparking the memecoin rally. Dio Umaru Chan hopes to benefit from this memecoin rally and record outstanding price gains.

Exciting Roadmap 

Although the project is in its early stages, it has over 800 followers already on Twitter, a sign of growing interest from the crypto community.

This interest is likely a product of its exciting roadmap which features listing on Dextools, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko. 

UMARU Alternative 

While UMARU seeks to reclaim earlier gains, investors can benefit from this innovative AI platform with exciting features. 

yPredict (YPRED)

yPredict is an AI-powered platform equipping traders with helpful insights to maximize their profit potential. It also supports passive income as developers can market their predictive models to users who rely on such to trade. 

yPredict gives small-scale traders leverage in the market to withstand the moves of the large portfolio holders such as whales. It also safeguards users from market manipulation, rug pulls, and crypto scams with advanced AI-detection methods. 

$YPRED is the platform’s utility token granting users full access to its exciting features.

Why Choose Ypredict?

YPRED holders can access all the benefits on this platform. These benefits include

  1. AI-powered Signals And Trading Models: yPredict offers reliable signals to make reasonably accurate informed trades. yPredict also supports developers on its platform to make passive income from marketing predictive models. Consequently, the models will undergo rigorous screening and feature only models from the top 1% of AI experts.
  2. Quality Analytics: $YPRED users also access sentimental analysis protecting them from crypto scams. Also, the AI highlights the best indicators for trading specific cryptocurrencies boosting efficiency. 
  3. Advanced Chart Recognition Tool: This tool identifies over 25 chart patterns for diverse cryptocurrencies, thus boosting profitability.
  4. Staking: Staking allows users to accumulate more YPRED tokens as rewards. 
  5. Learn-to-Earn Model (L2E): YPredict prioritized education providing users with opportunities with its Learn-to-Earn (L2E) model. Users receive YPRED tokens as rewards for participation and completing education modules.
  6.  6 Backlink estimator And Keyword Support: Users also benefit from backlink estimator and keyword tools analyzing their competitors and trading habits. The keyword tools highlight trending crypto searches and trade-related information. 

YPRED’s OngoingPresales

YPRED presale is ongoing, and each token is worth $0.1. The next stage will move the token’s price to $0.11, yielding paper returns of 11.11% for early investors.   

YPRED’s listing price is $0.12. The presale is above the $3.03 million milestone from its target of $4.58 million. 

How to Buy?

Users can buy $YPRED following these steps. 

  • Choose your preferred wallet between MetaMask or Trust Wallet app and visit the yPredict official website. Click on Connect Wallet, and Approve.
  • Choose your preferred payment method for the purchase. Buy YPRED tokens with MATIC, ETH, USDT, BNB, or bank cards). Confirm your transaction.
  • Once the transaction completes, click Connect Wallet to view the current balance.
  • Once the presales are over, connect your crypto wallet and select Claim Tokens to receive your tokens. 

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