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BTCPay Merchants Can Now Use Liquid Network Assets From Blockstream

Blockstream Workers Supposedly Treating Themselves with Huge Bitcoin Salaries
Blockstream Workers Supposedly Treating Themselves with Huge Bitcoin Salaries

Blockstream has just announced via a blog post that BTCPay Server, a “self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor,” has successfully integrated the Liquid Network into its array of software offerings.

Thanks to this, investors and users of the platform can take advantage of “confidential and fast settlement in Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) and other assets issued on Liquid such as stablecoins like Liquid Tether (USDt),” reads the post.

This way, merchants on the platform can control how they’re receiving funds and will no longer be at the mercy of intercepting fees from third-party groups. After all, BTCPay is allegedly one of the most popular ways that merchants are able to start accepting Bitcoin payments. In fact, the post notes that “tens of thousands” of stores support it.

Additionally, customers will benefit from the system as well, according to an excerpt from the post:

“Confidential Transactions allow customers to transact without worrying merchants or other 3rd parties will see their holdings. Fast two-minute settlement times means customers’ orders are finalized quickly. BTCPay Server’s integration of Liquid also means customers have the option to spend tokenized fiat like USDt instead of precious L-BTC.”

Companies adding more support for their customers is always a good thing. We’ll have to see how the project expands from here as we head into the new year.

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