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Blur Price Prediction: BLUR Hits $0.216 – What’s Behind the Sudden Surge?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Blur Price Prediction Aug 29
Blur Price Prediction Aug 29

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A cryptocurrency known as Blur (BLUR) made an unexpected comeback after defying its initial challenges.

The token skyrocketed yesterday, August 28, reaching a weekly high. After finding its weekly low at $0.20 on August 26, the token suddenly surged on August 28, hitting $0.234.

Of course, this is still much lower than the token’s price at the beginning of August, when it struggled to breach a resistance at $0.30. After that, the token started spiraling down, dipping to a support at $0.28 on August 7 and then dropping to $0.195 on August 18.

Since then, it recovered to $0.23 by August 21 and then dropped back to $0.20. Yesterday’s surge was believed to be a return toward greater heights, although it unfortunately did not last.

When writing, the token’s price is back to $0.204. In the last 24 hours, BLUR price dipped by over 8%.

Chart Blur Aug 29

Weekly, it is 5% lower than it was seven days ago. However, every month, BLUR is as much as 34% down. Lastly, the token, which went live earlier this year, has lost 96% of its value since mid-February when it went live.

Is Market Confidence on the Rise?

BLUR price has made quite a trek recently, from a monthly high in early August to an all-time low, only to climb back up and achieve a weekly high.

The token has seen a lot of movement, volatility, and interest from traders. Some took this as the revival of positive sentiment within the market, which led to a surge in buying pressure.

The rekindled faith in the market and the project allowed it to recover briefly, although the price increase was not permanent.

The price has already dropped to the proximity of the all-time low. However, such strong fluctuations show interest in the token, and buyers are ready to jump when the right opportunity presents itself.

BLUR Outperforms OpenSea

Despite its bearish metrics, especially over the last month. Blur’s weekly average trade price remained higher than OpenSea’s, which has been the case since the token’s launch.

The project still claims massive popularity in the NFT space, to the point that even OpenSea cannot match it, even though it is better known.

Despite the current market conditions suppressing it, Blur still maintained high growth potential.

SONIK Presale Nears $700k

While the markets continue to struggle, many buyers are turning to tokens still in presale, as these cryptocurrencies offer high-profit potential while also being immune to volatility.

One of the best examples is Sonik (SONIK), a new meme coin inspired by the memes based on Sonic The Hedgehog.

The project was careful enough to note that it has no affiliation with Sega or the character of Sonic but is simply based on the memes inspired by the iconic hedgehog.

The project has already raised $688.4 million, and its presale will last another seven days. Anyone interested in buying the token can do so in exchange for ETH or USDT. It is still very affordable, costing $0.000014 per token.

SONIK has one significant advantage over most meme coins: its team has a well-developed use case for it. The token will focus intensely on staking and allowing users to earn rewards, which is more than most meme coins offer.


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