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Bet on Your Favorite Fighters with This New Crypto Project – The Ultimate Betting Destination for Fight Fans (FGHT)

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Ultimate betting destination
Ultimate betting destination

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Fight Out is an amalgam of play to earn and train to earn that has taken the world by storm. This Train-to-Earn project is one of the few poised to increase to 10x this year upon the completion of its presale that’s ending on 31st March 2023.

This new ultimate betting destination has already raised upwards of $5.5 million in its presale. With the $6 million target near and the presale ending soon, now is the time to visit and invest if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines.

Backed by the likes of Transak, Blocklabs, Cryptonews, and Transak, Fight Out is poised to become a definite win for early movers – in more ways than one.

Changing the P2E gaming Industry By Making Gaming Profitable for Gamers

The exploitative Web 2 space has only given games an experiential treatment – and nothing else. The arrival of DLCs that people thought would enhance that experience has now taken a turn for the worse, with companies shutting down DLCs that people have already purchased.

And when people realized that they didn’t necessarily own the assets they bought, Web 3 gaming started to take a stride.

But even these models didn’t take the right steps. Engrossed with only profit-making, fixated on only the earning mechanics, modern P2E games don’t have much to offer in terms of gameplay.

And high entry barriers due to high-priced NFTs don’t help in bringing more players to the fold.

That is where Fight Out has come here to change the market

Fight Out believes that gamers should be appropriately rewarded for all that they put in. However, P2E games should not be hegemonized by Web 3 natives alone. All players, whether they are inside the crypto space or outside, should benefit from it.

That will enable the creation of truly inclusive games that can bring the world together to the Web 3 space,

Another aspect that Fight Out tackles is earning. Knowing that an active lifestyle is what’s required to live a healthy life, Fight Out is an amalgamation of Play-to-Earn and train-to-earn.

When players train hard, they win big. The ecosystem is the training ground to get inside a unique Web 3 space that has never been penetrated quite like this before.

Unique Ecosystem Created With the “Solebound” Avatar as a Foundation

At the heart of the Fight Out ecosystem is the Solebound Avatar, the player’s identity in the Fight Out metaverse. Training in real life will reward players with REPS. These REPS are used to upgrade the Avatar. Competing as the Avatar in the Fight Out Metaverse will reward players with FGHT tokens, and FGHT tokens can be used as a readable asset or to buy rewards.

Ultimate Betting Destination to Bet on Combat Sports

FGHT tokens have many use cases, but the thing that’s differentiating them from other projects is the bets.

Players can use FGHT to use in peer-to-peer wages – through Fight Out’s smart matching engine or between friends – on high-profile contests.

These contests will see major celebrity fights and streamers going at it in the ring, and the winning side will give betters many rewards.

Leading Ambassadors have already joined the Fight Out ecosystem. These include MMA fights Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos, professional boxer Savannah Marshall and fitness influencer Tremayne Dortch.

Fight Out Presale is Ending Soon

Fight Out presale is about to shut the doors to its presale. The token has already raised $5.627 million, and the presale conclusion date has already been decided.

Becoming an early mover has more than just an early mover advantage. Depending on the number of tokens you buy, and the vesting period you choose, you can get up to a 67% presale bonus. And the vesting period is flexible; you can opt-out whenever you like.

Visit to become part of this presale project today.

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