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Baktat Token is The Next Big Crypto Phenomenon, Learn How The BAKTAT Token Revolutionizes Agriculture

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Ever wondered if crypto could be used in the agriculture space? Well, you don’t have to anymore. There’s a new project out that’s making a lot of waves in the crypto world for this very reason. The project is Baktat token and it’s the newest revolution to hit the crypto market.

What is Baktat (BAKTAT) and how does it use blockchain technology in the agriculture space? What is the presale for the BAKTAT token like and how does the token benefit the holder? Those are the questions we answer here.

Baktat Marries Its Expertise in The Space with Blockchain Technology

The global market for food and groceries is presently valued at approximately $12 trillion as of 2019, and it is projected to maintain a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5%. With a team boasting over three decades of experience in business and a widespread customer base, they are uniquely positioned to integrate blockchain technology and bring about a transformation in the agricultural business sector. Baktat, a well-established brand with decades-long involvement in the food industry, possesses the potential to leverage this experience as a stepping stone toward achieving prominence in the crypto realm and even greater success in the agricultural domain.

Baktat serves as a crowdfunding platform for farming, offering users diverse avenues to benefit from the agricultural sector. This can be achieved without the need to invest in an entire farm, equipment, or livestock—items that often entail significant expenses, making this a noteworthy advantage. Essentially, Baktat handles the labor-intensive and less exciting aspects while users reap rewards for their contributions through funding.

The Baktat crowdfunding platform is currently in the developmental stage, making early adoption a tantalizing prospect as it allows users to get involved ahead of its anticipated growth. Undoubtedly, a range of agricultural projects will emerge for contributions, enabling participants to earn while contributing positively to society.

Functioning as an exceptional source of passive income, the Baktat platform is poised to attract individuals with limited expertise, significantly propelling the agricultural industry. The platform’s blueprint includes nurturing projects spanning over 42 sectors across the globe. Baktat’s innovative concepts are poised to benefit an extensive array of areas and crops, including chilis and coffee.

BAKTAT Farming Lets Your Profit From The Agriculture Business

Baktat’s agricultural initiative stands out due to its foundation in tangible, real-world assets. This distinct feature is poised to drive its popularity to unprecedented levels once it attains critical mass, underscoring the significance of users getting involved at the earliest opportunity.

At the core of the platform lies the BAKTAT token, an ERC-20 token. Users will have the added convenience of utilizing major cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and LTC for grocery purchases, alongside the option to employ the BAKTAT token itself.

The BAKTAT token is currently priced at €0.00120 or $0.00131, with the price going up to €0.00125 or $0.00136 in the next round. The token can be purchased with either ETH or USDT.

The tokenomics of the BAKTAT token are structured as follows: 60% has been allocated to the presale, 20% for the team, 10% for partnerships, 5% for bounties and airdrops, 3% for advisors, and 2% for charitable endeavors.

Investors who acquire the BAKTAT token gain the opportunity to select from an array of agricultural projects for investment, earning passive income in return. It’s worth highlighting the impending launch of a mobile app. This app will encompass a wallet, offer management of diverse data and order histories, and facilitate engagement with users’ farmland investments.

Furthermore, landowners have the option to sell 50% of their farmland to Baktat, resulting in a partnership. Profits arising from this collaboration will be divided equally between the landowner and Baktat. The transparency and immutability of all information are assured, as it is stored on the blockchain.

The Baktat Token Roadmap Looks Enticing

There’s a lot in store for Baktat’s future as well. Currently, it is working on laying the foundation for future development, and this will include marketing, launching bounty programs, and airdrops. Of course, there will be development on the platform as well.

The near future will also see support for the BNB chain and referral programs. Expect the marketing to be of a global nature. The team expects to end the presale by Q1 2024 at the latest. That quarter will also see the release of the full platform. Around this time, the team will expand and the project will kick off charity programs.

It’s a long and fruitful future ahead of Baktat token, and users have a lot to look forward to. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this project, which is turning out to be a spectacular new entrant in the crypto space.


Baktat token is a rare find within the crypto realm in that it benefits society and it offers a strong passive income stream as well. Get involved with the presale as quickly as possible. Do take a look at the presale and the Telegram group as well.

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This project is the trademark and patent application of the EU registration number: 018681672 Baktatcoin

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