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Bitcoin Fortune Review: Legit or Scam Robot? The Results Revealed!

Bitcoin Fortune is a viral piece of software that is said to trade bitcoin on autopilot and with a supposed win-rate of 90%. The robot has alleged profitability of up to $1k daily from a capital investment of a mere $250. But is Bitcoin Fortune legit and is there a chance of making the claimed profits? This review will provide answers to these questions and offer general tips to help you get the most out of trading robots.

InsideBitcoins investigation concludes that Bitcoin Fortune is trustworthy and there is a high likelihood that you will earn the alleged profits with it. As we will see later in this review, this bot relies on sophisticated technologies to ensure the alleged win-rate.

Moreover, its partner brokers provide a leverage that allows its users to place bets worth up to one thousand times their invested profits. Consequently, the alleged profits are magnified to that level.

Is Bitcoin Fortune legit?

  • Bitcoin Fortune has a generally good online feedback and is hence likely to be legit. The majority of reviewers report that it performs consistently and is easy to use.
  • InsideBitcoins test on Bitcoin Fortune platforms indicates that they are easy to use. No crypto trading experience is needed to trade with this bot successfully. The account opening process is straightforward and secure.
  • Bitcoin Fortune allegedly has a win rate of above 90%. This implies that the bot reports a positive outcome in at least 9 out of 10 trades. Some people allege turning a deposit of $250 into $1k in less than 24 hours of live trading.
  • We have tested the information on Bitcoin Fortune website and found it to be accurate. The robot appears to have the claimed earning potential. We can also confirm that this bot was founded by a person who has a reputation in the crypto trading industry.
  • With Bitcoin Fortune, traders can withdraw their earnings whenever they want. The process is simple and secure. There are no withdrawal limits or charges.
  • Read on for more information about Bitcoin Fortune or read our top bitcoin robot 2019 review to learn more about legit robots like Bitcoin Profit.
All trading robots carry significant risk and hence it is prudent that you only deposit what you can afford to lose. A deposit of $250 is a good place to start for beginner traders.

What is Bitcoin Fortune?

Bitcoin Fortune is a computer program that is allegedly equipped with artificial intelligence-powered algorithms. The program embeds into a broker system to perform all the functions of a professional crypto trader. As explained earlier, Bitcoin Fortune is fully auto and hence no skill is required to use it.

Moreover, traders do not have to master the trading platform of a broker such as the MT4 when using this robot. This is because the robot integrates with these systems in the background and presents its own highly intuitive user interface. The only thing that a trader needs to do to trade successfully with Bitcoin Fortune is to set risk and click the live trading button.

Bitcoin Fortune derives tradable insights from big data through both fundamental and technical analysis. In fundamental analysis, the bot analyzes qualitative data for insights. For instance, it can read news within a microsecond of their announcement, predict how they will affect the bitcoin market, and make a move before the markets. Even better, the robot is able to determine authoritative sources including Twitter handles and only act on information from them.

Technical analysis, on the other hand, involves identifying patterns from hundreds of charts and predicting the direction that the market is likely to follow. Bitcoin Fortune performs both the technical and fundamental analysis at supersonic speed and with an alleged accuracy level of 90%. Speed and accuracy are the two most important determinants of success in any form of leveraged trading.

How does Bitcoin Fortune work?

As mentioned previously, Bitcoin Fortune collaborates with several brokers to offer auto-trading services. Unlike the traditional broker, robot brokers have systems in place to ensure instant order execution. Apart from receiving and executing orders, robot brokers also receive deposits and facilitate transactions.

Bitcoin Fortune does not operate as a financial institution and hence is not legally allowed to handle deposits. This explains why it must work with well-regulated brokers. InsideBitcoins has tested the brokers listed as this robot’s partners and confirmed that they are adequately regulated. Regulators require brokers to observe strict deposit protection measures including segregation and adherence to a strict reporting requirement.

Consequently, users have a guarantee that their funds are secure even if the broker goes bankrupt. It is important to always carry out a background investigation on any brokers listed as a robot’s partners before signing up. This is because scam robots mostly partner with sham offshore brokers. InsideBitcoins robot investigation also takes into account their partner brokers.

Another role of robot brokers is to provide leverage. Bitcoin Fortune robot brokers offer a leverage of up to 1:1000. This means that traders have an opportunity to bet on trades that are worth more than one thousand times their capital. High leverage results magnify earnings but it can also lead to huge losses. Given the risk, it is important that you only trade with what you can afford to lose.

How to trade with Bitcoin Fortune?

Bitcoin Fortune is 100% auto and therefore can be used by anyone including those who have zero crypto experience. The robot is easy to use and there is no license fee that is needed to use it. Bitcoin Fortune owners make money by charging a commission on the earnings made through it. This means that they only make money when you profit.

It is important to note that Bitcoin Fortune is only available in a few select countries. You can try the signup process here to know if this bot is available in your country. If not, you can try Bitcoin Circuit, another robot that has almost the same features with Bitcoin Fortune. Read our review of Bitcoin Circuit for more information.

STEP ONE: Registration

The registration process with Bitcoin Fortune is simple and straightforward. Visit their website and fill your details on the form presented on the top right corner. Bitcoin Fortune registration process requires you to submit your name, email, and phone number. You are required to verify your name and email at this stage.

InsideBitcoins can confirm that Bitcoin Fortune is safe. Their site has adequate encryption and they have measures in place to ensure that your data is used for the intended purpose only. Moreover, they have a cyber response team to address any cyber risk that may arise.

Bitcoin Fortune is also compliant to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This regulation requires businesses with online operations to adhere to strict data protection measures.

STEP TWO: Identity Verification

After registration, you are redirected to the partner broker’s page. Here you are required to provide additional personal details and verify your identity and address. The process involves producing a government ID and a recent bill with the current address. ID and Proof of Address verification is a mandatory measure with all brokers with proper regulation.

The purpose of the Know Your Customer (KYC) process is to flag and report financial crime including money laundering. The verification process with Bitcoin Fortune takes less than a day.


After ID verification, you can go ahead and deposit. The minimum amount required to trade with Bitcoin Fortune is $250. As stated earlier, it is prudent that you begin small, preferably with the minimum amount and grow your account by reinvesting all your profits.

Bitcoin Fortune accepts deposits via Wire Transfer, most debit and credit cards, e-wallets such as Neteller, Webmoney, and Skrill, and Bitcoin. Deposits made through credit and debit cards and e-wallets reflect immediately in the user account.

Bitcoin Fortune partner brokers do not charge any fees for all the deposit methods apart from Skrill. A deposit made through this e-wallet may attract a 3% charge.

STEP FOUR: Demo trading

Bitcoin Fortune demo account has all the features that you will find in the live account. The purpose of this account is to help users get familiar with the live account. This robot demo trading account trades on real market data and hence provides a clear picture of what to expect in live trading.

InsideBitcoins insists that you go through the demo account before going live. This account will help you master crucial functionalities such as risk management features.

STEP FIVE: Live Trading

Live trading with Bitcoin Fortune is quite straightforward. All you need to do is to set your desired level of risk per trade and click the live button. If you are not sure about the risk, you can leave the robot to run at its default risk per trade of 10%. Bitcoin Fortune comes with detailed guides to help users through the setup and trading process

How to get the most out of Bitcoin Fortune

While Bitcoin Fortune is 100% auto, there are a number of things you can do to get great results out of it. These include;

  1. Start small – Depositing a small amount gives you the peace of mind to observe how the bot responds to different trends and identify when it is appropriate to trade with it. InsideBitcoins recommends that you begin with a deposit of $250 and increase the size of your account by ploughing back profits.
  2. Time the US markets – The US is a key driver of volatility in the cypto markets. You should time when the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is open and run the robot then. Ensure that you close the trading session when the bourse closes.
  3. Trade for at least 8 hours per day – Let Bitcoin Fortune run unmonitored for at least 8 hours per day. You need less than 20 minutes per day to monitor your account and withdraw or reinvest earnings. Avoid keeping checking your account since this is likely to cause anxiety and lead to bad decision making.
  4. Get a trading partner – Introduce a close friend to this robot and let them be your trading buddy. Having a trading buddy helps you compare experiences and determine the best robot trading practices.

Is Bitcoin Fortune legit? The Verdict!

Bitcoin Fortune appears to be a legit robot. As explained above, this bot is well-revered by users on independent review sites such as TrustPilot and Forex Peace Army. From the reviews we have come across, this robot has alleged profitability of up to $1k from the minimum deposit of $250. Moreover, there are a lot of reviews praising its customer services and safety measures.

We have tested Bitcoin Fortune platforms and found them to be amazingly easy to use. The robot runs on autopilot and hence can be used by complete beginners. Bitcoin Fortune comes with guides to assist users through the setup and trading process.

Moreover, users are assigned a dedicated account manager to answer all their questions and help them through the process. You can try Bitcoin Fortune now through the link in the table below and let us know about your experience with this bot in the comment section below.


Is Bitcoin Fortune legit?

Yes! Bitcoin Fortune appears to be legit. InsideBitcoins investigation shows that this bot is popular with people looking for a passive online income.

How much can I make with Bitcoin Fortune?

Bitcoin Fortune has an alleged win rate of 90%. The robot supposedly makes up to $1k per day from a deposit of $250. Your earning potential with this robot depends on the current market conditions.

How much should I deposit with Bitcoin Fortune?

The minimum deposit with Bitcoin Fortune is $250. InsideBitcoins recommends that you get started with this amount and grow your account gradually by reinvesting profits.

How do I withdraw from Bitcoin Fortune?

Fill the withdrawal request form on the funds' management dashboard and wait for up to 2 business days for your funds to be processed.