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FightOut presale
FightOut presale

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FightOut, a brand-new Move-to-Earn (M2E) startup, has reached a key milestone by raising $2 million in the initial 2 days of its open presale. Since the start of the presale, investors have been rushing to purchase FGHT tokens owing to the project’s novel approach to rewarding exercise and fitness development.

FightOut has distinguished itself as a low-cost option compared to other projects in the M2E sector, with tokens sold at just $0.016; many speculate that the token price will soar in the future. Some have even stated that they expect the project to 50X in the upcoming weeks at least.

Extremely Successful Pre-Sale for FightOut

FightOut aims to enter the quickly expanding M2E sector, which is benefiting from the rising fitness craze brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The FightOut team just completed a private sale that saw $1 million in investment from angel investors, even though the idea is still in development. After the private auction, FightOut entered its presale process on December 14, the first day when members of the public could participate and purchase FGHT tokens. The initiative received over $2 million in financing in less than two days, and that amount is increasing by the hour.

Additionally, the official FightOut Telegram channel already has more than 21,000 members, demonstrating tremendous interest in the initiative. The lowered token price, which allows investors to purchase FGHT tokens for only $0.016, is largely responsible for this hype.

Anyone may participate in FightOut’s presale because there is no minimum investment requirement, unlike many crypto presales. This has surely contributed to the presale’s momentum and fits in well with the inclusive objectives of the project.

Only For a Limited Time, Get a 50% Presale Bonus

One of the main reasons for FightOut’s presale popularity is the development team’s special bonus offer intended to honour early investors. A never-before-seen presale arrangement allows investors to receive up to 50% additional FGHT tokens depending on their purchase quantity and vesting term.

A token benefit of roughly 25% would be paid depending on the amount contributed, as stated in the whitepaper for FightOut. The maximum incentive is only available to buyers of FGHT valued at $500,000, while 10% of purchases as low as $500 will also earn you a bonus. Similar to this, investors will get a bonus based on their selected vesting term, up to a maximum of 25%. Again, individuals who choose to lock up their assets for 24 months will receive the full incentive; however, choosing a vesting time of just 6 months will result in a 10% bonus.

As a result, the whole 50% incentive is available to investors that lock up their FGHT token investments for 24 months and invest $500,000. This translates to an extra $250,000 in free FGHT being provided. This ground-breaking campaign will, however, end as soon as FightOut’s presale raises $5 million. The promotion will come to an end after this amount is reached. Given the enthusiasm over the last two days, it is expected that the presale will surpass this mark soon.

What Exactly is FightOut?

The project’s momentum is supported by FightOut’s distinctive use cases, even if the cheap token price and ground-breaking presale bonus surely contributed to the buzz. For those who don’t know, FightOut is a recent piece of M2E software that gives players incentives for doing exercises and improving their health. The FightOut team has recognized several issues with the fitness industry, including a lack of customized training plans and a decline in community ties, and has struck out to address them with a novel incentive system.

FightOut Move to Earn

Users of the FightOut app may construct an approach that relies on their exercise history, objectives, equipment accessibility, and time limits. After that, the app will design a series of customized exercises for the user, along with top-notch instructional videos from renowned coaches and personal trainers.

REPS, the in-app currency for FightOut, are awarded to users once they finish an exercise. Despite being stored off-chain, this money may be used to purchase equipment, gear, vitamins, and more at the FightOut shop.

Stock Up On FGHT, “The Success Token of FightOut”

Participants are credited for the physical activities they do, which demonstrates the app’s evident value. Additionally, this utility is very beneficial since it encourages better living and offers economic motivation to keep exercising regularly. The native ERC-20 token of the project, FGHT, serves as the foundation of the FightOut ecosystem. Due to its inherent use cases as well as value potential, token traders are clamouring to purchase during the present presale.

Those who acquire FGHT assets can use them to buy REPS and get a 25% bonus in return. Additionally, FGHT will serve as the “FightOut Metaverse’s” native currency, enabling players to take part in contests and tournaments with the chance to earn large prize money.

It’s interesting to note that the FightOut developer team has already described a “stake-for-membership” system in which FGHT holders can lock up their assets in exchange for special benefits. These benefits range from complimentary gym memberships to limited-edition NFTs and free goods to one-on-one coaching sessions.

FightOut – Further Developments

Buy FightOut

The ongoing crypto winter has seen almost all token prices drop precipitously during the previous 12 months. However, FightOut has arisen as a practical hedge against this turbulence, enabling investors to participate in a venture during its growth period by buying tokens at a rebate.

Given the future goals of FightOut, investors may find this decreased token price beneficial. According to the project’s timeline, the FightOut team plans to finish its CEX listing push in the first quarter of 2023. If one (or more) big exchanges were to list FGHT, it may act as the impetus for a massive price surge.

Additionally, the money earned from the FightOut reservation will be largely used to launch actual “FightOut Gyms” in significant locations throughout the world. The company behind FightOut is looking into sites and preparing to launch 20 Web3-integrated gyms, the first of their type.

Modern fitness equipment that monitors participants’ efforts will be available in these gyms, making it simple to obtain REPS. Each gym will also feature a health bar, a coworking area, and maybe even a multimedia studio.

The roadmap also includes information on upcoming PVP contest modes, limited-edition NFTs,  REPS challenges, live workouts, as well as other things. When you pair these innovative intentions with FightOut’s ground-breaking use case, it becomes obvious why the startup has quickly raised millions in investment.

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FightOut Presale - Earn Crypto for Working Out

FightOut Presale - Earn Crypto for Working Out

FightOut Presale - Earn Crypto for Working Out