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ICO of The World’s First Chocolate-Based Meme Coin, CHOC, is About to Go Live

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Choc Token
Choc Token

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A new type of meme coin will be revealed to the public on June 28th at 2 PM UTC.

Choc ($CHOC) doesn’t share any similarities with dogs or make quirky remarks about the current state of the world. Instead, it brings people a “chocolatey goodness” while smiling.

This meme coin’s grand entry into the presale will be marked by a slew of prizes to early adopters who buy the most tokens.

CHOC – A Meme Coin with a Chocolatey Flavor

The official whitepaper described Choc ($CHOC) as the world’s first memecoin inspired by a “favorite food loved by people of all ages and genders.”

Doing so makes it transcend the ordinary and gain a widespread appeal since it does not feature any inside jokes or crude remarks that are made a norm by standard meme coins.

Instead, it will create a sweet sensation, giving users a sweet life like chocolate does.

These aspects are clearly highlighted in how the sentient bar of chocolate looks. The design is still quirky, with a partially eaten chocolate bar with eyes, a nose, and two hands smiling at the viewer.

Choc Coin

Consequently, the ambiance created around its ecosystem has already made the crypto community a big fan of this project.

Evidence of this fandom is the large following Choc has managed to gather even before starting its presale.

The project emerged on in June 2024. So far, it has gained 32,000 followers.

Choc’s Telegram channel has also gained over 65,000 subscribers, making the project’s total social media reach closer to 100,000.

How Has Choc Managed to Gain So Much Following?

A visit to the project’s website reveals several strategies that have helped Choc attract a large following.

Quirky Imagery or a Never-Seen-Before Meme

Chocolates don’t have a storied history in memes beyond jokes about weight loss or sweetness. In fact, no quirky aspect related to chocolate can be pushed inside the meme genre.

Choc has changed this paradigm by making an eaten bar of chocolate a character.

That makes Choc a pioneering crypto project of the chocolate meme. And since the degen market is always looking for something different, they will be easily attracted to what Choc offers.

A Team Experienced in Meme Coin

At the back of this chocolate-themed meme coin is a team with many successful memecoin launches under its belt.

This dev team consists of some of the leading experts in the field of liquidity, listing, and marketing.

Prices Beyond the APY

Presale tokens have traditionally enticed early buyers by giving them bonuses. Choc does that and more.

Not only will early buyers receive up to a 20% bonus for the first $3 million worth of Choc sold, but becoming among the top 200 buyers will bring hefty prizes that range from SOL tokens to a Tesla Model S.

Presale Prizes – Choc’s Unique Approach to Presale

Generally, most meme coin projects promise a “sweet life” once they have gone live on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Choc Prizes During Presale

They show a vision of growth, parabolic gains, and turning early investors into billionaires.

However, Choc defies the norm by giving massive prizes to presale investors.

The top 200 Choc buyers will get prizes such as SOL, Playstation 5, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and more.

The top buyer will get a Tesla Model S. There is also a MacBook Pro for the taking.

These are the reasons why Choc has been increasing its exposure rapidly on social media and will continue to do so.

Choc Tokenomics

Choc has a unique take on its tokenomics. Since it is a memecoin through and through, designed to ride the wave of community interest to climb in value, 50% of its total supply has been dedicated to the presale.

Choc Tokenomics

The remaining tokens are distributed among project funds (20%), liquidity (15%), and marketing (15%).

With the community having access to such a massive chunk of the total supply, the decentralized aspect is strong with this token.

With a certain number of tokens set for the project’s funding, the developers may be brewing sweet use cases to make Choc stand out even more.

How to Buy Choc?

Choc presale on Solana will begin on June 28th at 2 PM UTC.

Once it does, investors can visit the official website and participate using the presale widget.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Visit the official website –
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Enter the amount of ETH, USDT, or SOL you want to swap for CHOC.
  4. Buy Choc and claim your tokens during the token generation event.

More details have emerged since the announcement, such as the minimum deposit required and the hard cap.

The minimum deposit required is 0.1 SOL, and the hard cap is 70,000 SOL.


Choc has emerged as one of this year’s more interesting meme coin projects. The chocolate-based themes, coupled with massive prizes during the presale, make us wonder what else it has in store for investors down the line.

Participate in this presale by visiting Also, follow its social media handles to stay updated.


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