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Dreamcars Gets You Luxury Cars, Secures Them, and Pays You for Owning Them: Here’s How It Works

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Dreamcars Gets You Luxury Cars
Dreamcars Gets You Luxury Cars

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Dreamcars (DCARS)  is making it easier for people to own luxury cars, allowing them to buy, sell, and invest in expensive cars like Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce, and Porsche by using blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

The main idea behind Dreamcars is fractional ownership. Real luxury cars are verified, insured, and kept in a safe place.

Each car also has a unique NFT on the Ethereum blockchain that makes it easy to divide them into smaller parts, which investors can buy for as little as $10. This way, the access to Dreeamcars is easier and not just to the wealthy.

This approach has several benefits.

First, people can own a part of their Dreamcars without having to pay the full money, which is always very expensive.

Secondly, they can, they get to opiate their money into different vehicles instead of putting their money into just one which can help them diversify their investment across various investment vehicles and reduce risk.

Securing Investments: NFT Backing and Safety Measures

Dreamcars also have safety measures to make sure their investments and cars are secured. The car NFTs are linked to the real car’s purchase contract that includes the vehicle serial number and other important details including the NFT information.

This method creates an unchangeable record on the blockchain, ensuring a transparent and fraud-proof record for each car.

In addition, all the cars that back the NFTs are stored in a secured physical vault. This always ensures that the NFTs have working real-world assets that back them.

The project also makes sure to insure all the physical cars to ensure that their users remain protected in case of unexpected damages and occurrences.

Dreamcars has also partnered with top blockchain security companies like Solidproof and Assure DeFi to ensure the safety of its system and token.

These experts have checked the project’s smart contracts and other areas to ensure its transparency and integrity. It is generally known that investments have some form of risk, but these measles make Drramcars create a more secure environment.

Passive Income Opportunities

There are also different ways to earn passive income through Dreamcars. Users can put their DCARS tokens in the platform’s lending pools to earn interest. The longer they keep their money staked the more they can potentially earn.

Some of the money obtained from the lending protocol is paid to those who stake their tokens.

The project also has a monthly lottery for DCARS token holders where they can win luxury cars and cash in USDT. Furthermore, token holders can get discounts on fees for transactions, storage, and membership in the Watch Concierge Club. The more the tokens they have the bigger the discounts they can get.

In addition, users can also earn passive income through rental incomes that come from these cars. When the cars are rented out, the profit gotten from them will be shared among the investors (shareholders), creating a new passive income stream.

Those who have a stake in various luxurious cars will potentially earn from them all.

$DCARS Token and Ongoing Presale

Dreamcars has created its own token, called $DCARS, to reward people who use the platform early and to keep the ecosystem running. There are 1 billion DCARS tokens in total, and 30% of them are being sold in the ongoing presale.

This gives early investors a chance to get the tokens before they’re listed on decentralized exchanges. After the presale, Dreamcars plans to list the tokens on UniSwap and PancakeSwap, and then on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

$DCARS Token and Ongoing Presale

The DCARS token is the native token of the platform which is used to keep its transactions running. The token is also used to reward people.

To maintain the token economy and prevent price manipulation, the project has a vesting period that will require tokens sold during the presale to be available while the team’s holdings will be locked for a whole year.

A small fee will also be added to buy and sell orders which helps in buying back and selling tokens to become more valuable and keep the liquidity pool healthy.

All in all – if you love (expensive) cars, DCARS is a token potentially worth considering as we prepare for the second part of this bull run.



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