eToro Announces a New Generation of Crypto Investors

eToro Announces a New Generation of Crypto Investors
eToro Announces a New Generation of Crypto Investors
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The well-known international trading platform eToro released new insights about crypto investments. Their data showed that investing in other assets besides cryptocurrencies attracts young users. The identified trend pointed to a possible way of approaching younger generations who became curious in investing cryptocurrencies.

73% of the eToro users signed up in the last two years have invested in cryptocurrencies. From that number, 11% have also invested in other offers such as stocks, goods, and forex. Investing in more than cryptocurrencies is especially popular among the younger generations. 44% of those investors on eToro are between 25 and 34 years of age.
A new trendSource: Trustnodes

UK eToro executive Iqbal V. Gandham acknowledged the rising trend. He explained that it was not true that investing is not popular among younger generations. The crypto industry has drawn their attention to that matter and awoke their curiosity. He claims there is a lot to learn from young investors who increased their involvement in this business after investing in cryptocurrencies.

According to their data, this trend was most popular in Italy where 14% of investors who bought cryptocurrencies also invested in usual assets. Chinese follow Italians with 12% and the youth from the UK with 10% investors with both types of investments.

Every third investor in global also invests in stocks beside cryptocurrency. 34% of the UK users on eToro did the same. 31% recreated other eToro users’ activity and 23% invested in other goods and merchandise.

Of all users whose second choice was to invest in stocks, 42% are young people between 25 and 34 years of age. That points to a rising interest in stock investing in young UK users.
A change in perspective
Gandham stated that traditionally, people have thought of investing as an activity that requires specific knowledge and wealth. Cryptomarket offered another perspective on this matter, being available to everyone and being attractive for young investors.

According to Gandham,
We now have an opportunity to show those people whose first experience of investing was crypto, the other opportunities that exist. By making sure people can access all the assets they want to own in one place, we can encourage a new generation of investors to take more control of growing their wealth with a diversified portfolio of investments, including crypto.
eToro statistics also showed that users who invested in cryptocurrencies kept their positions for a longer period. They kept their positions 71 days longer than those who invested in exchange-traded funds which were in the second place. That illustrates that users see crypto products as a long term investment and are more ready to wait.

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