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Earning While Playing: How Scorpion Casino (SCORP) Turns Gaming Enthusiasm into Financial Gain

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Scorpion Casino is turning a genre of gaming enthusiasts into a series of investors earning a passive income through its intuitive revenue-sharing model.

The project has created a crypto-based casino that lets users earn a share of the revenues generated on the platform, effectively turning $SCORP holders into casino owners.

The revenue-sharing model incorporates a deflationary mechanism, causing a buzz in its presale, which has raised a staggering $5.5 million dollars.

Scorpion Casino Is Bringing Back Passive Income to DeFi With Revenue-Sharing

With its unique revenue-sharing model, Scorpion Casino is bringing back passive income to DeFi.

The project intends to create the number one social gambling platform where players can earn a slice of the revenues generated. As the casino adoption rises, so does the passive income generated for $SCORP holders.

To achieve this, the team will use a percentage of the daily revenues generated on the platform to buy back $SCORP tokens from the open market, providing a source of consistent demand and helping stabilize prices.

Of the $SCORP purchased, the team will distribute half of the tokens to stakes on the network, providing them with a passive income.

The other half is sent to a burner wallet, removing $SCORP from circulation. This creates the element of deflation in the ecosystem.

According to Economics 101, any asset with a rising demand and falling supply, like $SCORP, will see a consistently rising value, so investors are eager to get positioned as early adopters of this new token.

Better yet, the passive income isn’t related to the overall market conditions. Therefore, the passive income isn’t likely to fall if the crypto sector enters a bearish market, creating a sustainable passive income stream for holders.

Brilliant Platform That Rivals Heavyweight Giants

Scorpion Casino has spent a year developing its platform, which has been running profitably through the beta stages. As a result, the casino has already distributed well over $100,000 in passive income to $SCORP holders who have purchased through the presale.

The platform is built to rival the heavyweight online casinos in the industry.

For example, Scorpion Casino is connected to the same gaming providers, like Evolution and AMATIC. This allows the platform to offer up to 200 highly polished games, like blackjack, poker, roulette, and slots. It also offers 160 live games for its players to enjoy.

It also has an integration with Betadar, allowing Scorpion Casino to offer a sportsbook with over 30,000 betting options. Sports fans can wager bets on the outcome of their favourite sports matches in popular sports like football, basketball, tennis, boxing, and MMA.

The project is also backed by a major incubator through Tenset. This incubator has helped countless presale projects surge by 50x to 100x from their presale prices, and investors believe it can help $SCORP achieve similar results. For example, Tenset helped Meta Hero ($HERO) surge into the top 250-ranked projects from its presale as it masterminded the marketing strategy for the project.

Finally, Scorpion Casino is a fully licensed platform with credentials from the Curacao eGaming licensing entity. This makes the casino the perfect venue for gamers as they can be sure the platform is provably fair and transparent.

Presale Ending Soon: Get Positioned Today Before It’s Too Late

With the presale in its final stages, this is the last opportunity for you to get positioned in this revenue-sharing platform before it’s too late.

The $SCORP token will be used as the default betting and payment currency, providing essential utility beyond the buybacks and revenue-sharing distribution.

The token can currently be purchased in the presale for $0.032.

In addition, those buying more than $1,000 $SCORP in the presale will automatically be enrolled into the Elite Scorpion Members Club, which provides perks like VIP Services, cashback on the Casino, and extra staking rewards.

Finally, investors can quote the exclusive bonus code “Scorpion20” to get an extra 20% SCORP on their investment for a limited time.

Overall, Scorpion Casino is turning gaming enthusiasts into financial earners through its intuitive revenue-sharing model. Once the token launches, experts believe its value can surge by over 10x while still providing its holders a consistent source of passive income – making this a token you don’t want to be fading in 2024.

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