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Coco Coin Surpasses $8 Million Mark In Donations – The Next Big Crypto?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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A groundbreaking meme coin project, Coco Coin ($COCO) is the talk of the crypto town right now. 

Despite launching a few weeks ago, the innovative project has quickly resonated with a broad audience, raising upwards of $8 million in donations from early movers. 

At the heart of its viral success is its seamless combination of meme culture, social media, and cryptocurrency in one unique package. 

While drawing direct inspiration from the popular “Pepe The Frog” trend, Coco Coin sets itself apart by offering a unique platform for community members to monetize their social media interactions. 

Meanwhile, Coco Coin’s donation campaign takes a multi-stage structure, providing more than enough opportunity for everyone to be a part of its promising future. 

Priced at $0.00860 in its current round, investors seeking to get in on the ground floor can make a transfer using major cryptos like ETH, BNB, and USDT to corresponding addresses on the website. At the end of each round, $COCO tokens will be airdropped to their rightful owners. 

However, what makes $COCO the next big crypto to watch closely? The next section of this article will provide answers to that. 

What’s Driving The Buzz Around Coco Coin ($COCO)?

Coco Coin has been turning heads with its pioneering concept that bridges the gap between cryptocurrency, rewards, and social interactions. 

Originally built on Base, a fast-growing blockchain network that’s renowned for its high throughput, Coco Coin aims to democratize access to financial rewards, ensuring that lovers of memes can earn, even while having fun on social media. 

For creating, sharing, and engaging with meme content on X, users will accumulate points that can be exchanged for free $COCO tokens. This aspect of the project has solidified its market position, positioning it as an attractive destination for those seeking to turn meme moments into financial opportunities. 

Beyond its impressive reward strategy, another vital factor that has contributed to the growing popularity of Coco Coin is its multichain posture.

Coco Coin multichain posture

While at its earliest phase, Coco Coin is already active on top networks like the Binance Smart Chain and Base, with plans to hop to Ethereum soon. As such, it is no surprise that it has been able to reach a wider community of meme enthusiasts, boasting close to 100k followers on X alone. 

Also, with the increasing number of investors partaking in its donation event daily, there’s no doubt that the investing community is interested in what Coco Coin has to offer.

With over $8 million already gathered, the project sets its sights on reaching and even surpassing its $10 million projection. Meanwhile, according to the project, the token will open for trading three days after the conclusion of the donation campaign.

Before its eagerly-anticipated IEO debut, those interested in the project can visit its official website now to gain exposure to $COCO at discounted rates. 

In line with its commitment to make a lasting impact in the social media cryptocurrency niche, Coco Coin plans to continuously launch more exciting activities and reward mechanisms for its community members. Given the uniqueness of its offerings and its connection with the iconic “Pepe The Frog” trend, Coco Coin establishes itself as the next big crypto to look out for this year. 

Coco Coin’s Earning Mechanism 

Coco Coin has a point-awarding system that’s not only fair but also transparent. For those interested in savoring free rewards on Coco Coin, here are some of the tasks to complete: 

  • Follow Coco Coin on X.
  • Like, comment, and retweet posts about the project.
  • Creating Coco Coin-related posts and participating in community-based discussions. 
  • Joining its Telegram group.
  • Referring friends and families to Coco Coin.

Each of these tasks has a designated number of points to ensure transparency. The point allocation is listed below: 

  • 1 point per view.
  • 50 points for every like.
  • 125 points for each reply.
  • 250 points per retweet.
  • 100k points for every referral.

Coco Coin reward system

The Coco Coin’s point system is divided into weekly cycles, known as epochs. All points earned during one epoch can be converted for token rewards in the next epoch. For every 1000 points, users will get 1 $COCO. 

Upcoming Airdrop

Coco Coin has allocated 10% of the token’s total supply to future airdrops. With such substantial allocation, the project has shown its commitment to fostering community engagement and rewards.

A few days ago, the project gave out $50 to five lucky winners who participated in its AMA session.

Bottom Line

Thanks to its decentralized posture, Coco Coin is building a vibrant ecosystem where no user is left behind. From meme enthusiasts to creators and investors, the project ensures that everyone can benefit from its rewarding programs while also contributing to its growth.

Championing the “Make the Base Chain Great Again” slogan, Coco Coin’s social utility enriches its investment experience, positioning it as one of the new crypto projects that could bring substantial gains to early investors. 

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