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Much-Awaited Oracle Meme Presale Will Begin on 27 May 2024 – Next Meme Coin to Explode?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Oracle Meme
Oracle Meme

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Oracle Meme has announced the launch of its much-awaited native token $OMEME. The presale is scheduled to begin on 27 May 2024 for early investors.

In stark contrast to the myriads of hollow meme coins that populate the market, Oracle Meme is coming with AI superpowers. The goal is to radically transform the way memes are created, distributed, and monetized.

The key pillars of the Oracle Meme ecosystem include a meme AI generator, meme coin generator, meme layer-2 network, meme wallet, and meme launchpad.

How $OMEME Unites Meme Coin Communities

We’re living in an era where digital culture and cryptocurrencies intersect.

Meme coins have emerged as a powerful force in this narrative, thanks to their large speculative potential. The industry is worth billions of dollars today.

It can do so much more, however. What’s stopping it?

Due to the lack of technical expertise, resources, and knowledge, many meme coin visions fail to materialize. Those that do, on the other hand, do not win widespread attention.

Finding a good meme coin project requires hours of research. Few investors and traders are willing to put in that time and effort. As a result, meme coin projects without large capital for marketing bite the dust before taking off.

The high transaction value of some networks further discourages small investors.

To add to that, scams and rug pulls are common in the meme coin space. That prevents crypto investors from taking their dive into the meme coin market, despite its attractive gains.

Oracle Meme Upcoming Presale

Oracle Meme introduces a suite of products that revitalize the meme coin landscape. Along with that, it provides financial incentives through its native token, $OMEME.

“In a world parallel to ours, where the digital and mystical realms intertwine, the birth of ORACLE MEME was foretold by the Soothsayer of Cyberspace, an enigmatic entity that lives at the nexus of reality and the virtual. This Oracle predicted a vibrant ecosystem for the meme community, a place where humor and wisdom would be the currency and creators would be the architects of joy,” notes the white paper.

Meme AI Generator, Meme Coin Generator and More: A Sneak Peek into the Oracle Meme Ecosystem

Oracle Meme is bringing a large ecosystem of advanced tools and functionalities that will step up the meme coin market as a whole.

Here is a quick look at them:

Meme AI Generator: An advanced AI-powered tool for creating memes. It features AI-powered suggestions, customization options, and seamless sharing capabilities.

Meme Coin Generator: A platform where users can create their own meme coins in a few clicks without any technical expertise.

Meme Layer-2 Network: A scalable, efficient, layer 2 solution that ensures fast, low-cost transactions for Oracle Meme and associated platforms.

Meme Wallet: A personalized wallet where users can keep all their memes in the same place.

Meme Launchpad: A dedicated space for launching new meme coins. $OMEME holders will have early access to the tokens.

Oracle Meme is working on more ideas and products that will empower the meme coin industry as a whole.

Oracle Meme Features

$OMEME token will fuel the ecosystem, incentivizing creators through rewards and promoting community engagement. It will serve a wide range of utilities, from microtransactions to tipping and purchasing unique meme assets.

In addition, it will be used for governance, staking, yield farming, NFT minting, cross-domain synergies (gaming, DeFi, etc.), and more.

Transparent Tokenomics, Action-packed Roadmap

The total supply of $OMEME is capped at 50 billion. Out of these, 20 billion tokens are set aside for the presale.

Presale investors can immediately put their tokens to work with an attractive staking APY of 107%. Staking rewards have an allocation of 10 billion tokens (20% of the total supply). Staking will promote long-term holding of the token, thus mitigating early sell-offs that are common in the meme coin market.

Oracle Meme Tokenomics

Funds raised in the presale will be used for initial project development, marketing, and liquidity.

Phase 1 of the roadmap will focus on research, conception, and the development of the website and staking contract. In Phase 2, the presale begins with massive marketing campaigns.

The project will focus on partnerships, giveaways, and incentives to take the presale to more communities. In Phase 3, the presale will end, and the token will be listed on various A-tier CEXs and DEXs.

In Phase 4, more community events will be held. Another important milestone in this phase is the release of the meme AI generator and the meme coin generator. The release of the Meme Layer-2 Network, Meme Wallet, and Meme Launchpad will be held in the next phases.

Along with that, the project will continue to fuel community engagement through various competitions and take the token to more exchanges.

Next Meme Coin to Explode?

Oracle Meme is one of the most promising meme coins to enter the market in a while. The project’s focus on utility has helped it win the confidence of the community even before the presale launch.

If the growing community is any indication, Oracle Meme is positioned for a FOMO-fuelled bull run on its launch.

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