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How to Participate in BlastUP Airdrops – Unlock Free Rewards

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Built on Blast, a fast-rising layer 2 solution on Ethereum with over $1 billion in TVL, BlastUP (BLP) is a groundbreaking project that has been causing waves with its launchpad offering and community-driven program. 

Championing the “Grow faster, earn more” slogan, BlastUP seeks to equip early-stage projects on Blast for success while also rewarding active community members for their engagements with the ecosystem. 


As the first of its kind to launch on Blast, this innovative launchpad is keen to foster the growth and progress of the ecosystem. While the reputation of Blast adds a layer of reliability to BlastUP, the latter’s embracement of community engagement and incentivization programs also contribute to its market appeal. 

At the heart of BlastUP’s Community Incentivization Program (CIP) lies its booster point system. Anyone who earns these points will have the opportunity to participate in future airdrop events from BlastUP and other projects launching on the launchpad. 

Do you want to know how you can earn these booster points and unlock free rewards on BlastUP? Read this article to the end. 

BlastUP Airdrop Campaign 

Being a project that’s committed to sustaining a vibrant community, BlastUP has incorporated an airdrop campaign into its well-detailed roadmap. Ahead of its future airdrop event, BlastUP launched a point-awarding system to reward members of the community based on their level of participation in programs geared towards its growth. 

BlastUP’s booster point has its free rate and it is not linked to the BLP token or other cryptocurrencies. However, buying the $BLP token during its ongoing presale is one of the avenues to earn booster points. These points can be earned by community members of BlastUP or other projects that are launched on the platform. 

Booste point on BlastUP

According to the project team, all future airdrops from IDO launched on BlastUP will be proportionally shared between the booster point holders. By that, the higher your points, the more the tokens you receive during the airdrop. In essence, holding booster points serves as your ticket to participating in the airdrop events. 

That said, there is an ongoing raffle on BlastUP where winners are picked randomly from eligible participants. To participate in the raffle, you must have amassed up to 1,000 booster points. Selected winners will get numerous prizes including NFTs, cryptos, and more from BlastUP’s Blastboxes. 

How to Earn BlastUP Booster Points 

Below are some of the ways you can earn booster points on BlastUP:


Participating in the ongoing BLP presale offers early investors the pathway to earn booster points. The higher you buy, the more booster points you earn. For instance, you can receive up to 1,750 booster points if you spend between $250-$500 in the ongoing presale.

At press time, 5 out of the ten rounds of the presale has been fully completed and the sixth one is also close to completion. With over $5.6 million already raised, early movers are still showing no signs of slowing down yet.

The presale is expected to come to a close on May 31. As such, it is better you move in as soon as possible.

Participating in Community-oriented Activities: 

At different intervals, BlastUP organizes activities where community members are asked to complete certain tasks and earn booster points. Recently, the platform just rewarded community members who shared their comments on the just concluded contest results with 10,000 booster points each.


Likewise, if you invite friends and families to participate in the ongoing presale, you stand the chance to earn booster points.


To join tens of thousands of people who will be unlocking free rewards on BlastUP with their booster points, participate in its ongoing presale. Presently available for as low as $0.06, BlastUP’s BLP is one of the cheapest cryptos with high potential. 

Apart from enriching you with booster points that can help you savor BlastUP’s giveaways, buying BLP while at presale also gives you the opportunity to be a part of a promising project from its early stage. 

After participating in the presale, you can also earn more points by engaging in BlastUP’s community contests and other programs on the platform. 

To avoid missing out whenever these programs are happening, follow the project on X (Twitter) and other social media handles. Don’t also forget that referring people to participate in the presale attracts more points. 

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