With Jubiter Platform, Buying, Selling and Exchanging Bitcoin Has Never Been More Secure

With Jubiter Platform, Buying, Selling and Exchanging Bitcoin Has Never Been More Secure
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The growing importance and presence of cryptocurrencies on the global finance market has, without doubt, impacted the daily lives of many people from all over the world. The number of websites that offer cryptocurrency buying, selling, and exchanging has also risen drastically in the past years. A recently-launched cryptocurrency exchange platform, named Jubiteris making a solid statement and differentiating itself from the rest of the services by its simple usability and high-levels of security.

Jubiter was launched earlier this year with the goal of introducing a cryptocurrency exchange platform that will benefit both the experts and beginners. According to the team behind Jubiter, cryptocurrency should be available to more people so that it can positively transform the global commerce.

The following are just a few of the reasons why users should buy Bitcoin online from Jubiter.com

Jubiter takes pride in offering the highest possible security standards to provide the maximum comfort of the clients. Jubiter employs world-class cybersecurity architecture and regular third-party audits by trusted security experts with the goal of securing the clients’ digital assets and personal information and still allow quick and easy access to wallets. Moreover, Jubiter has implemented multi-layered security methods to the architecture of the platform and to the all user accounts.

The most important security feature of Jubiter is the cold storage. This means that 97% of funds, stored in Jubiter wallets are kept in a “cold storage” – computers that are not connected to any outside network. The remaining 3% of the funds are accessible to clients at all times. Two-factor authentication (2FA) and a six-digit PIN access are securing the access to the accounts and protecting them from cyber hackers.

Jubiter Technologies has obtained all the necessary licences, including a license for providing a virtual currency walletservice and a license for providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a flat currency. This means that the company is fully in accordance with all the legal requirements and can further ensure their clients of its credibility.

Customer support, available via phone (toll free), live chat, e-mail or social media is ready to welcome all the questions the users have. From Monday to Saturday, 8:00 AM to Midnight EST, the expert support team of Jubiter will be online.

Last, but not least, Jubiter is presenting what many refer to as “the easiest process to buy Bitcoin/Litecoin online, just with a credit card.” With your Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron or Maestro, users can quickly and easily purchase Bitcoins and Litecoins.

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