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Will ETH Price Fall To the $1700 Level? VC Spectra (SPCT) and Curve DAO (CRV) Gain Bullish Momentum

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Ethereum (ETH) recently marked its eighth birthday, having launched on July 30, 2015. With the celebrations now over, enthusiasts wonder if ETH will slump to the $1700 level. Meanwhile, Curve DAO (CRV) is embroiled in a crisis following a multi-million-dollar hack.

Setbacks aside, VC Spectra (SPCT) is gaining bullish momentum, with experts anticipating this altcoin to increase two-fold in no time.

Let’s learn more about how to get involved after covering the latest for Ethereum (ETH).


Ethereum (ETH) ETF Applications Flood the SEC

When BlackRock filed a spot Bitcoin ETF (exchange-traded fund) in June, it began a mini bull run in crypto. Ethereum (ETH) is having its turn to shine. The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) has received 11 Ethereum (ETH) filings so far.

Yet, despite this game-changing development, Ethereum’s (ETH) price remains stagnant. After reaching a recent high of $2028, Ethereum (ETH) is down 10%, dancing around the $1830 area.

So, will Ethereum (ETH) hit the $1700 level? With the neutral sentiment per the Fear & Greed, a drop in total value locked (according to Artemis), and other factors, this looks likely soon.

Fortunately, VC Spectra (SPCT) is heading in the opposite direction with its exciting plan to invest in burgeoning industries.

VC Spectra (SPCT) to Expedite Early Promising Opportunities in Blockchain and Technology

VC Spectra (SPCT) is on course to usher in a decentralized solution for anyone to capitalize on early blockchain and technology start-ups. Interestingly, Ethereum (ETH) is the backbone of this hedge fund and trading platform, offering an array of the most promising projects.

This means VC Spectra (SPCT) leverages the former’s unparalleled cryptography and smart contracts, automating functions from trading to distributing rewards.

An expert team is another foundational element in VC Spectra (SPCT), with their precision in picking the most fruitful ventures in a narrow vertical. Moreover, VC Spectra (SPCT) will employ advanced algorithmic and discretionary strategies to manage risks and produce the highest returns.

VC Spectra’s utility token, SPCT), is necessary for users to get paid, invest, and pay fees. SPCT also provides other advantages:

  • Additional SPCT (by holding the existing SPCT for an extended period)
  • Voting rights
  • Quarterly dividends through buybacks)
  • Access to exclusive discounted pre-ICOs

SPCT is available on the ERC20 and BRC20 networks in VC Spectra’s Stage 2 presale for $0.010. The next presale phase initiates a new price at $0.025, 127% or more than 2x higher than the previous.

Investors who buy now and maintain their SPCT holdings could gain a tremendous 627% ROI once VC Spectra (SPCT) goes live.


Curve Finance Founder Looks to Restore Liquidity After Exploit

Curve DAO (CRV) fell dramatically over the past week by 34% after Curve Finance got hacked out of millions of dollars. With this unfortunate event, liquidity for Curve DAO (CRV) is understandably dire.

Luckily, several institutions have shown up to rescue Curve DAO (CRV). According to Lookonchain, 72 million Curve DAO (CRV) tokens have been sold for $0.40, a lower ‘over-the-counter’ price.

Curve Finance’s co-founder, Michael Egorov, has received about $28.8 million from these sales that he should use to repay some debt, part of which includes 378.18 million Curve DAO (CRV) tokens in collateral.

Curve DAO’s (CRV) market price has corrected 19% from $0.48 to $0.57. Investors will hope things return to normal for Curve DAO (CRV), so it revisits its recent $0.87 high and beyond this year.

All in all, VC Spectra (SPCT) remains the better investment than Ethereum (ETH) and Curve DAO (CRV), given it’s a newer project.

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