Whatsapp Enables Bitcoin Exchange-Send & Receive BTC

Whatsapp Enables Bitcoin Exchange-Send & Receive BTC
Whatsapp Enables Bitcoin Exchange-Send & Receive BTC
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One trending news in the crypto community is that WhatsApp has enabled the capability of using the platform for BTC. Users can carry out their transactions on the app without stress. Apart from Bitcoin, WhatsApp also integrated Litecoin transactions. All these are now possible with the Lite.Im bot. We interpret this new development as another welcome strategy to simplify crypto transaction processes. Also, it will enable many individuals to use virtual currencies in their day-to-day transactions.

Buy Bitcoin Now through Whatsapp

The report of this new integration by the popular messaging platform came on 19th May 2019. We got it through a tweet which the Zulu Republic shared on Twitter. According to the announcement, the messaging platform for crypto known as Lite.Im has created a new service. They have provided a simpler method of sending and receiving BTC on WhatsApp.

The steps, according to Zulu, is simple. Once a user adds the bot and follows the prompts that will be coming out on the screen, they are good to trade. Also, apart from the coins transactions, many options are available as well. One impressive option on the program is the ability to earn digital coins under the referral program. Moreover, users can select the coin they prefer and set as default. From the program also, users can transact on Zulu native token ZTX and also trade in Ether ETH. Further, traders can select the language they want to use in the transactions and create a password too. However, the languages available now are Spanish and English.

WhatsApp Simplifies BTC Transactions

This opportunity to use SMS for Bitcoin trading is one way to make things simpler. Now, newbies in the community who find it difficult to buy Bitcoin can now do so with ease. We learned that Lite.Im has made the same services available on Telegram, Facebook Messenger and SMS.

The company stated that using social messaging to facilitate crypto trading will lead to global adoption. This implies that if the community wants many people to adopt cryptocurrencies, they should encourage these developments. For instance, WhatsApp users are above 1.5 billion and spread across many countries of the world. Also, mobile money is now easy in Africa and Southeast Asia, as such, many people have access to payment platforms.

We have also seen the waves about Bitcoin adoption, especially by large organizations. The coin is now dominating the news every day because it may likely become an exchange medium very soon. From what commentators are saying, Bitcoin may soon fulfill the wishes of the early believers.

Facebook Coin Faces Serious Competition

We already know that Facebook is planning to launch a digital coin. However, this new step by Lite.Im may become a serious contender. We haven’t gotten the information about how the virtual currency will be, but many anticipate that it may likely be Bitcoin look-alike.

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