Website claiming to reveal Satoshi Nakamoto was nothing more than a marketing ploy

Satoshi Nakamoto
Website claiming to reveal Satoshi Nakamoto was nothing more than a marketing ploy
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It should come as a surprise to no one that a website claiming to reveal the long-hidden Satoshi Nakamoto absolutely did not deliver.

A publicity stunt

That’s right,, a website that popped out of nowhere around ten days ago, said it would reveal the identity of the Bitcoin creator after a countdown hits zero. Well, we’ve hit zero. And what we got was an admittedly well-produced video that gave us a Satoshi, but not the one we’re looking for.

Instead, the video was an advertisement for PAI News, a new YouTube channel revealed at Consensus 2019. According to the video description, PAI News is meant to be the following:

“PAI News is a new platform connecting users with global headlines and unique content, powered by ObEN’s AI technology. PAI News is an entirely new way to create and enjoy news, stories, and updates – with content delivered by Personal AI (PAI) avatars. It’s what you love, what you create, transformed with PAI.”

Trolling for fun

So basically, Satoshi is the name of a digital news anchor on a platform that gives everyone their own personal artificial intelligence avatar. It’s kind of a cool idea, but it was promoted in the most exploitative way possible.

Even more ridiculous is that crypto enthusiast John McAfee had some connection to the project, according to CCN. Since the days of this reveal, McAfee had been tweeting about the meaning behind the website.

That’s not to mention that the Gotsatoshi Twitter account mentioned possibly knowing John McAfee.

It’s annoying that the Satoshi mystery is used to rile people up. It’s the easiest trick in the book and one that enthusiasts shouldn’t have to deal with anymore. That said, the Twitter account had been tweeting all sorts of random spam lately. So, if anyone thought the reveal would be true, they were being willfully ignorant and probably shouldn’t get involved in the world of online trading.

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