Reducing of risks and abilities to get funds for own project becomes a real problem today for founders and investors. Besides weak attempts of some groups, companies and platforms, there are still some gaps, which are not covered by blockchain platforms and services like Escrow or “ICO Operators”.

When one problem is solved, that doesn’t actually mean solving other urgent issues of founders and investors nowadays. If the platform provides good defensive tools for investors, which may be not comfortable for founders and because of compliance they are avoiding using platform/service for fundraising. On the other hand, there are anonymous systems, which are not acceptable by investors. A lot of scam projects just getting funds and are not going to implement a project. Also, there are places, where founders are concentrated. But investors try to avoid such places due to funds are not secured.

Investors usually face these problems:

  • Poor security level of funds
  • Absence of profit guarantees or any refunds
  • Big lack of reliable projects to invest

Founders face not less amount of problems:

  • Problems with getting funds for project
  • Lack of community support
  • Media campaigns not always provide results

Solving mentioned problems is possible only in the case when the complex approach will be used. It will respond the needs of all market participants.

WeAre project is a strong solution, that makes possible to avoid issues with the reliability of teams, searching for funds and etc.

The innovate ACO approach will allow supplying business with funds without issuing new token only with issuing current WeAre token, that will be handy for many purposes as:

  • Investing in the projects
  • Exchange of products and services with other teams
  • Universal payment unit

WeAre token is supplied by the real success of projects, sold services and products for other liquid assets. That is why issuing additional amount of tokens will help investors to keep their investment portfolio much more stable rather than having a big amount of other tokens.

WeAre platform is responsible for all legal and media issues. Teams will be involved only in the development. The WeAre team provides all necessary legal, media, professional and financial support to all projects, which will be held on the platform.

Besides all kinds of support, WeAre platform will have WeAre Foundation. All CEO’s or responsible persons for voting for projects will be included to the Board of Directors, where they will take part in ecosystem’s development.

WeAre ecosystem is in progress now and for all participants, who are interested in launching projects or just have a need in reliable asset in own crypto portfolio there is an opportunity to take part in it with bonuses.

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