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Music-focused, blockchain-based platform VOISE has announced a crowdsale launch for its new Voisium (VSM) tokens. The crowdsale commences May 6, 2017, and is a vital part of VOISE’s alpha stage roadmap, which relates to platform development and the release of a new range of client software.

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Built on Ethereum blockchain, VOISE is primarily focused on representing independent musicians’ interests while providing music lovers affordable access to unique content.

The VOISE platform will offer artists the freedom to monetize their content while bypassing the previously unavoidable commissions and charges laid down by record labels and other third parties.

VOISE’s ethically motivated business model is designed to give 100% of the platform’s revenue back to the artists and musicians. Because the platform is geared towards musicians and not technicians, users can expect a simple, intuitive platform design, which can be used easily and without any special skills or Industry knowledge.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology are still somewhat untapped in relation to the music industry, and VOISE believes that there is enormous potential in integrating them together. VOISE will include support for fiat currencies within the platform, in the interest of ensuring familiarity with existing infrastructure and facilitate the transition between technologies.

VOISE’s business model is designed to stimulate a strong interest among independent artists, and as a result, the selection of available music for members is broader and vivid compared to limited mainstream titles offered by other platforms. VOISE enables artists to upload content instantly for distribution, and the VOISE Radio feature provides unlimited free and paid content for music lovers to enjoy.

The VOISE platform’s native currency, Voisuim (VSM), is created using Ethereum smart contracts and will be available for investors to purchase during the impending one month-long crowdsale. The platform has stipulated

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