U.S. Government Reveals Dread Pirate Robert’s Murder-For-Hire Plots

Silk Road trial

NEW YORK (InsideBitcoins) — The U.S. Government spent the last day of presenting its Silk Road case against Ross Ulbricht walking jurors through the messages where Dread Pirate Roberts hired someone to kill five different people.

Despite the fact that there is no evidence to show that the murders took place, the prosecutors are using the solicitation messages as a means of demonstrating how far Ulbricht would go to protect Silk Road.

In 2013, FriendlyChemist threatened to release vendor and customer information from Silk Road unless he was paid $500,000. It all started because one of FriendlyChemist’ suppliers, lucydrops, had gone missing after being lent $900,000 worth of his product. According to the server logs, FriendlyChemist said, “I lent him 900k of product and he paid be 200k and then he started avoiding me…what is the deal? Where is my money? Why is lucydrop still selling when I kno for a fact that he has no product because I supplyed him.” [sic]

Then came the threat: “[I] also have identities of 9 top vendors and 15 small vendors and 1000s of customers.” His concern was that he owed people money and they had threatened his family. In other words, FriendlyChemist was just a distributor of someone else’s drugs.

Hells Angels were the supplier

In a twist made for movies, the motorcycle gang Hells Angels played a part in the entire story. According to RealLucyDrop, lucydrop, his partner, had been arrested and now FriendlyChemist was “freaking out because he truly believes his life and his family’s life is in danger.”

The chain of drugs went like this:

The Hells Angels gave the drugs to FriendlyChemist who in turn gave the drugs to lucydrop who got arrested. That meant that the product was missing and the Hells Angels were without compensation.

In his frustration, DPR told RealLucyDrop not to message him unless it included the identity of FriendlyChemist. “Don’t bother messaging me again if the message does not contain his personal info…I won’t be blackmailed.”

After some time, he got the information. FriendlyChemist was 34, married with kids, living in Vancouver.

Enter the Hells Angels

At some point, a user named “redandwhite” showed up and made contact with DPR. The user explained that the group didn’t hold DPR or Silk Road responsible for what happened.

“In my eyes, FriendlyChemist is a liability and I wouldn’t mind if he was executed, but then you would be out your $700k,” DPR said to redandwhite.

“I would like to put a bounty on his head if it’s not too much trouble for you. Hopefully this is something you are open to and this can be another aspect of our business relationship.”

After some time, redandwhite disappeared. This group never targeted FriendlyChemist, but he still felt that they were always going to be on his case. He continued to send messages to DPR requiring the $500k in exchange for keeping the site’s information a secret. “500k is nothing to u but its life and death for me,” he said to DPR.

Finally, DPR reached out to redandwhite and said: “I would like to put a bounty on his head if it’s not too much trouble for you. Hopefully this is something you are open to and this can be another aspect of our business relationship.”

After that, redandwhite explained that it would cost $150k to kill FriendlyChemist. If DPR wanted a clean kill, it would cost quite a bit more. In these chats, DPR got a deep lesson in how murder-for-hire works.

“I have no problem putting my faith in you and I am sure you will do a good job,” DPR said to redandwhite. He sent 1,670 bitcoin—then worth $150k—to redandwhite. DPR went so far as to offer to send more bitcoin in the event the price of a bitcoin dropped.

There are no bodies

All told, DPR asked redandwhite to kill a total of five people. According to redandwhite, while they had been interrogating FriendlyChemist, they learned the name Andrew Lawsry, who went by tony76 and nipplesuckcanuck. According to their investigation, he had been creating accounts, selling for a while, and then scamming people, taking a lot of money in the process.

“This guy has probably ripped off millions of $ at this point from me and the rest of the Silk Road community,” DPR said, asking if redandwhite would go after him.

After getting more information about Lawsry from redandwhite, DPR gave the go ahead to kill him and three of his associates. It would cost $500,000 to remove them all.

Despite the fact that the government showed these conversations, there are no bodies. Officials have been unable to find anyone by these names that have turned up dead. But the government argues that just by having the conversations, it shows that DPR would stop at nothing to protect his site.

This was the last point the government made before resting its case. The defense will be concluding on Tuesday with its last character witnesses, prior to closing statements.

Jury deliberation is likely to commence on Wednesday.

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