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Top Altcoins to Buy in the Crypto Crash as Alt/BTC price show an Uptick

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The impact of last week’s crash seems to be in the recovery mode. Bitcoin is once again above $20k levels, and the crypto news we have been reading since the start of the week isn’t as dreary as last week.

Crypto investors are wondering whether the bear run is over. While no one can say for sure that the bear season has ended, certain altcoins have shown a surprising amount of resistance. Can these altcoins be your next big crypto investments? Let us find out.

Helium: An altcoin with a strong use case behind it

The first token to kick off this list is Helium. An incentive token for users to set up nodes for a 4G network, Helium is a cryptocurrency that has changed the minds of most crypto skeptics in this bear market. With its aim to provide high connectivity to the internet of things, Helium has now set its eyes on 5G for the “cellular summer,” and the Twitter audience is more than happy about it.

So, what’s the present use case of Helium’s HNT token? For now, HNT is used for micropayments, validating networks, and staking.

It is one of the few tokens to trade in long greens in the past week. While the candles have been showing red for the past two days, they are not long enough to create a bearish engulfing pattern.

At the time of writing, the HNT price is $10.64. It is down by 2% in the last 24 hours and is standing pretty at high #39 in the charts.

Buy Helium

So why do we think now might be the right time to buy Helium. It is because of the updates that are coming. The most exciting among them is “Helium Chapter 2”, which contains everything from new 5G hotspot devices to other innovations that can expand HNT’s use case even further.

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Cardano (ADA): The upcoming Vasil Hard fork

Cardano is a layer2 solution protocol of the Ethereum blockchain that has been hailed by many to be the one setting precedence for future sidechains. This crypto asset has been on the radar of investors for quite some time and has shown significant green zones these past few days of trading.

Cardao Tradeview

People are most excited about the Vasil Hard Fork. Over the years, Cardano has become home to many NFTs, DEXs, dApps, and Yield Farming platforms. These apps increased further after the layer2 solutions protocol added support for smart contracts.

Since then, Cardano’s popularity has increased manifolds, but the increased interest came with a side effect, an increase in congestion. It led to gas fees going up and the transaction speeds going slow. In the light of that, Cardano introduced a Vasil hard fork, an upgrade designed to deal with the increased congestion by introducing a new solution called diffusion pipelining.

Buy Cardano

Since then, ADA price has continued to see large uptrends. At the time of writing, Cardano is down by a marginal 3.62%, and the current Cardano price is $0.48.

The crowd is so bullish on the upgrade that it even forgave the developers for the recent delay of the hard fork.

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Chainlink (LINK): The Ecosystem is Expanding and Boosting Future Potential

Chainlink is one of the best DeFi tools in the blockchain ecosystem that nearly all cryptocurrencies rely on. Working on Blockchain Oracle, Chainlink connects smart contracts with external data sources to increase the contract’s effectiveness.

Gaming crypto projects like Lucky Block benefited from Chainlink’s VRS – Verifiable Randomness Service.

At the time of writing, Chainlink Price has seen a massive increase of 11.23% in the last 24 hours and is currently trading at $7.21. It is now one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies in the world.

Buy Chainlink

Why has Chainlink made to our list of the best altcoins to buy? The expansion of service. Chainlink has merged with Moonbeam, a smart contract built on top of Polkadot. Also, on June 7, Chainlink inaugurated Economics 2.0 and introduced Chainlink Staking.

Recently, MEXC Global decided to integrate Chainlink’s price feed on their networks to calculate tamper-proof exchange rates in its OTC markets.

Added to that, the community is really appreciative of Chainlink’s contribution to educating the masses about cryptocurrency. The platform’s official Twitter account is always connecting with investors and enthusiasts every now and then and providing its own perspective on topics like the Internet of Things and cryptocurrencies.

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Theta Network (THETA): Decentralized Video Streaming Platform presenting a unique Use case

Most altcoins are presenting valuable use cases in the world of internet entertainment. And the latest one among them is the Theta network. It is a Decentralized video streaming ecosystem that leverages blockchain technology to provide better quality videos and increased speeds. Users can contribute by giving bandwidth and computing resources. In return, the network rewards them with THETA, the platform’s native token.

In a sense, the platform operates on the same principles as STORJ, a decentralized storage platform that rewards users will STORJ tokens for their hard disk space contribution.

THETA has shown relative stability even during this crypto crash. Currently, the token is up by 1.80% and is trading at $1.26.

The Theta Network is continually building partnerships with others. The most recent one among them is THETA x REPLAY. Imagine Replay is a blockchain video tracking and payments platform. With its collaboration with THETA, the platform is set to re-imagine video distribution.

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Uniswap (UNI): A Defi Token Onboarding Experienced Experts

One of the biggest decentralized exchanges in the market, Uniswap, has generated quite a lot of interest amid-crash. Uniswap continually stays strong in the face of the bear market, going as far as stating that it was conceived in a bear.

Recently, the world’s leading DeFi network made waves by onboarding Stacy Cunningham, the former president of the New York Stock Exchange, as an advisor.

The crypto community is more than happy about it. Many say that it is these kinds of informed decisions that can pull the crypto market out of the rut it is presently in.

The announcement led to a massive 20% increase in UNI’s price as it went from $3.68 to $4.44. The token has since then shown signs of recovery. At the time of writing, UNI is trading at $4.41 and is up by 9.41% in the last 24 hours.

With this inclusion, UNISWAP is set on leveraging Cunningham’s TradeFi experience to strengthen its DeFi ecosystem. How far this decision takes Uniswap is something that remains to be seen. For now, it is one move that we’re all appreciating as crypto watchers.

Buy Uniswap on eToro

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The crypto market has entered the early stages of recovery, and the crypto market is still wary about Bitcoin. So, they are putting their faith in altcoins with better use cases and the potential to bring change to the financial and technical ecosystem.

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