Token Sales for Entrepreneurs: A workshop on token economic design and legal compliance

By Weston Anderson May 31, 2017 4:14 PM EST

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Smith + Crown and Debevoise & Pimpton, an international law firm with a leading blockchain and token sale practice, will be hosting a workshop for entrepreneurs seeking to leverage the power of tokenization. The workshop will take place on Wednesday, June 14th at 6:00pm in downtown San Francisco.

Why token sales are important

Token sales have become an increasingly popular way of financing early stage companies and projects. Since the first token sale launched in 2013, the token sale market has seen consistent and steady growth. In 2016, that growth intensified as both interest in the blockchain industry and the ease of launching new crypto-tokens increased. New companies of virtually every kind–from gaming to finance, medicine to cinema, and social media to supercomputing–have launched token sales to fund their projects. In fact in 2017, token sales eclipsed venture capital as the primary source of early stage funding in the blockchain industry.

Why this session is important

Token sales present unique challenges and opportunities to entrepreneurs. First, designing the token itself involves balancing the considerations of early backers, the founding team, and future users. There is no clear established template for token economic design, and projects around the world are developing novel approaches to tokenize their products.

At the same time, raising capital from outside investors has long been a heavily regulated activity. Layers of laws designed to protect investors exist in some form in many countries around the world. Entrepreneurs should be aware of the regulatory environment and incorporate that knowledge into their token design.

Be there

The evening will be valuable to anyone interested in integrating tokens into their business model and anyone who is simply interested in the token sale market.

Reserve your place at the workshop. Submit your RSVP.

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