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This Metaverse Crypto Project Has The Potential to 20x – How to Buy Early? (TARO)

RotbotEra crypto
RotbotEra crypto

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RobotEra (TARO) is a new Play-to-Earn (P2E) metaverse-based gaming model that offers users a platform to create and explore. Players compete as robots in the Metaverse, teaming up with other robot buddies to execute projects in the ecosystem. RobotEra is a virtual world, and players can own metaverse plots of land that will increase in value.

Also, players can link their land together to create facilities like museums and theme parks and host events like concerts. The platform promotes interactive activities that reward participants. It is a massive upgrade from the traditional models littered with in-game purchases and ads without giving much back to players.

RobotEra has a Central City where players engage in tasks to earn rewards. Also, there are museum spaces to display artworks and hidden spaces with valuable rewards. These features and many more set the platform apart from its competitors.

RobotEra – The Plot

RobotEra runs on a captivating storyline plotted on the fall of planet Taro. Taro is a metaverse in the Alpha Galaxy destroyed after a war between the robots and residents of the land.

Prosius, an imaginary humanoid scientist, had a breakthrough at the end of the war in his search for robot singularity. He documented the plan to rebuild the world in an encrypted file called ‘last chance.’

After the departure of the last survivor, 10,000 robots with human-like thoughts and motions rise in the new era. These robots must rebuild the new planet and restore it to greatness. They must oversee the dawn of a new civilization on planet Taro. With such a captivating storyline, this project will likely be one of the best sellers in 2023.

What You Need

RobotEra enables players to compete as robots to enjoy interactive metaverse gameplay. However, there are some essentials you must possess to benefit from this platform. These items will give you an edge over the average users and increase your earning potential.

Robot NFTs are beneficial to unlock the full potential of the platform. Users can trade and rent secondary robot buddies. These Robot buddies can serve as allies helping to earn more rewards. The Robot Editor is the tool for creating these robot companions. These other robots are NFTs and sell for profit.

Also, the land is a vital part of the RobotEra ecosystem. Each piece represents a rare and valuable NFT minted by the system.  Players can build on these lands to increase their resale value. As an added benefit, robot NFT holders mint land for trade or leasing to other participants. 

The RobotEra Editor is a great tool; it enables users to unleash their creativity even without coding knowledge. Item blocks serve to design robot companions and structure buildings in the ecosystem.

Four Ways To Increase Earnings 

This game provides rewards and excitement simultaneously. Here are four ways you can earn rewards.

  1. Token Staking: Players can stake their tokens to earn rewards on the ecosystem. Staking multiplies rewards and secure the network. 
  2. NFT Ownership: Players can lay claim to Robot NFTs. These NFTs are for competing against other players to win fragments. The fragments are used to mint new NFTs and sold for profit. Over time as the network increases in popularity, the value of these NFTs will increase and might rival popular NFT collections based on their utility.
  3. Boss Battles: defeating bosses will enable players to win rare items to boost their robot qualities.  A player must dedicate time and effort to overcome these obstacles and earn rewards. Also, rare items are sold to make a profit. 
  4. Top Player Rewards: RobotEra is a competitive space making it more thrilling. The top 30 players ranked in the battle season will receive token rewards. Players must win competitions and complete other tasks to make the top 30 list. 

TARO The Token You Need

With an unending list of engaging activities in the ecosystem, a proper governance token is essential. TARO, the platform’s native token, powers all activities in the ecosystem. These tokens process land purchases, Robot NFT purchases, and participation in economic activities.

RobotEra is all about earning. Besides staking TARO, players can cultivate land and plant sacred trees to increase earnings. The TARO tokens are currently on presale and have crossed the $1.8 million milestone. It indicates massive investor interest in the tokens that will only increase in value over time.

How To Purchase TARO Tokens

TARO is still in its first presale stage, which is rounding up soon. Currently, one TARO is worth 0.020 USDT and will increase to $0.025 in the second presale stage. Here are simple steps to take to get in early on the presales.

Step 1: Install MetaMask wallet on your browser or connect a supported wallet like Trust Wallet.  MetaMask is ideal for desktop browsers and Trust Wallet for mobile devices. Users must undergo KYC procedures to verify their identity and provide basic information such as their e-mail addresses. 

Step 2: After choosing your wallet provider, click Connect Wallet and select the appropriate option. Two options will pop up:

  • Buy TARO with ETH. If there is sufficient ETH in your wallet, you can exchange it for TARO. You can purchase ETH first if you do not have enough. 
  • Buy With USDT: There must be at least 20 USDT in your wallet to purchase TARO tokens. Users can only buy a minimum of 1000 tokens. Once you confirm your balance is sufficient, click on ‘Buy.’ There will be a double prompt to approve the purchase.
  • The first approval is for the USDT contract, and the second is for the transaction amount.

Step 3: After approval, you have successfully purchased TARO tokens redeemable after the presales. 

RobotEra (TARO) Road Map

Here is a list of the important activities that have taken place since the creation of the project and other events lined up for the near future.

                          Time Frame  Events
      Q4 2022 RobotEra Metaverse design, Launch of the public presale, RobotEra character NFT design, RobotEra demo design.
      Q1 2023 RobotEra Metaverse overall design, 3d artists design for RobotEra, RobotEra demo video release.
    Q2 2023 Completion of the public presale, RobotEra character NFT release, technical infrastructure construction and multi-player sever test, player self-define RobotEra editor release, Battle system development, Creator recruitment, and RobotEra editor creation contest.
      Q3 2023  RobotEra land NFT presale, RobotEra gallery launch, presenting character NFT, land NFT and by product, RobotEra battle system launch 
      Q4 2023 RobotEra Metaverse Release, Combing RobotEra world, RobotEra editor, RobotEra adventure. RobotEra DAO Establishment with continuous development.


RobotEra is an innovative Play-to-Earn gaming model that is captivating and rewards participants. The project is fully audited by the SharkTeam to guarantee its safety. Also, Coinsniper handles its KYC verification for additional project security.

It offers players an outlet to unleash their creative genius and compete against other players sharpening their mental skills. The additional earning outlets, like metaverse lands and NFT sales, ensure enough motivation for gameplay.

RobotEra’s Metaverse is built like the Sandbox but is a unique version with additional advantages. The first presale stage is close to the conclusion, with a price increase set to usher in the second presale stage.

The total presale target is $6.93 million, and the presale tokens have no vesting period. TARO, the network’s token, will list on exchanges after the presale. Investors can take advantage of the ongoing presale as the price could explode once the token lists on exchanges.

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