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Matt Hale of Divvi is the first speaker in the second half of the conversation we began last week. Divvi is a Sydney based decentralized energy market startup. The huge scale of residential solar deployment makes Australia a uniquely appropriate environment for this kind of solution. We also look at the challenges of breaking into the highly regulated and cartel run infrastructure space. Secondly Luke Anderson, describes the dilemma of selecting blockchain as an appropriate solution to a problem.

The attendees were:Tim Bass of Block 8Bok Khoo of the Internet, and Bok ConsultingSam Brooks CTO of VeredictumRussell Mclernon of RexmlsLuke Anderson of Sigma PrimeSergei Sergienko of ChronobankMatt Hale of Divvi

The Sydney Ethereum community is huge, possibly the largest geographically concentrated group of Eth heads in the world. It?’?s a geographical location worth paying attention to.

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