The Ether Review #61 – The Biggest City in Blockchain Part 1

By The LTB Network Apr 11, 2017 10:05 PM EST

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Last week I was honoured with the privilege of representing New Zealand at the inaugural ISO/TC-307 Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies standards committee meeting. The event was hosted by the secretariat, Standards Australia. 18 nations attended. The event itself will be the subject of a blog post when I get around to writing it.

While at the meeting, blockchain legend Nick Addison wrangled together a who?’?s who of blockchain entrepreneurs for a round table discussion. We convened in the media room at the international convention center. The group grew piecemeal over the course of three hours during which we discussed everyone?’?s projects and the state of blockchain in Australia.The attendees were:

Tim Bass of Block 8Bok Khoo of the Internet, and Bok ConsultingSam Brooks CTO of VeredictumRussell Mclernon of RexmlsLuke Anderson of Sigma PrimeSergei Sergienko of ChronobankMatt Hale of DivviConspicuously absent were Chris Mountford of DAH, Conor Svenson.

I?’?ve split the conversation into two episodes and there will be a separate one with Nick Addison because, well, this is Nick Addison we?’?re talking about here. Before we get stuck in, I want to draw your attention to the Blockchain NZ conference and the Auckland and Wellington Blockchain Meetups. Things are gathering pace down here and with Vitalik soon to grace our shores with his presence, the whole country is abuzz. You can pick up conference tickets at a discount by following this link. I?’?ll be there and everyone will be invited to my place for a barbecue in the days following.So let?’?s hear from they guys in Sydney. First up we have Tim Bass, on joint real estate investing, then Bok Khoo on decentralized exchanges and derivatives markets. After some general chat Sergei discusses Chronobank and Russell explains Rex before we move into discussions about usability, insurance and end user friendly key management.

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