The Brain Behind Bitcoin Is Very Much Alive; John McAfee Drops Shocking Revelations

The Brain Behind Bitcoin Is Very Much Alive; John McAfee Drops Shocking Revelations

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Totally shocking. This whole issue about Satoshi Nakamoto has taken another dimension. Recently, Craig Wright, a computer programmer and bitcoin lover insisted that he is the real brain behind the digital currency. This led to a lot of reactions from the digital currency space with some believing him and others disagreeing.

The McAfee Shocking Revelations

In the middle of the back and forth talk, John McAfee, the famous founder of the antivirus system that bears his name, dropped the bombshell. He claimed to know who the real founder of bitcoin is. He also claimed to know the exact status of the real creator. Being a popular bitcoin stakeholder himself, McAfee managed to rattle a lot of feathers. McAfee did not stop at his claims; he also went ahead to lambast Wright calling him a shameless being. To push the narrative further, McAfee said he was going to reveal step-by-step and in great detail the real story about Satoshi.

Renewed Legal Involvement

Even though only a few people took McAfee’s comments seriously, he was determined to show he was not joking. Recently while speaking to Bloomberg, the antivirus guru said he would not reveal who Satoshi is. He said the reasons for this were because of threats from some quarters and even authorities. He also stated that his lawyer advised him against it so as not to escalate issues legally. After saying all these, he insisted on knowing who the real bitcoin genius is.

McAfee also insisted that he had talked to the real guy and he is not glad to know about the revelation plans. In other words, the real Satoshi Nakamoto wants no publicity. Many observers find this quite strange. This is especially true regarding the fact that many believe that Nakamoto died a long time ago shortly after inventing the revolutionary e-currency.

However, for those who want to believe McAfee, he is absolutely serious. He revealed further telling Bloomberg that Nakamoto is clearly one of the best brains in the field. He praised Nakamoto for going ahead to create something that changes the fundamental basis of life and business as we know it today.

How Does It Concern Us?

Let us assume for a moment that McAfee is truly right with his claims and shocking revelations, how is that our business? Seriously, does this really matter to the average person out there on the street? After a careful analysis of the issue, the response to these questions is not affirmative. And there are reasons for this.

To successfully buy cryptocurrencies depends on ensuring that there is no central figure or one centralized structure controlling it. What this means is that revealing Satoshi can have a devastating impact on the entire bitcoin structure. This is because forces will crystallize around him and that can lead to a centralization of the cryptocurrency world. If the claim is true that Satoshi alone has over a million bitcoins in his possession, the authorities can force him to give up those immense riches and take over control of the online trading market. Thus, revealing who Satoshi is, as McAfee wants to do, will have negative results. Let Satoshi be.

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