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Hello, welcome to episode 51 of?‚The Bitcoin Game, I’m Rob Mitchell. Since my last episode, we?’?ve seen the Bitcoin 2X fork called off, and just when it seemed everyone could relax for five minutes, the Bitcoin Cash fork went on a full scale blitz. Bitcoin never disappoints in providing interesting times.

In October, the Los Angeles Bitcoin Meetup featured a talk with Bitcoin Core developer Jonas Schnelli. Jonas gave a presentation called The Bitcoin Core project explained: What is Bitcoin Core and who is behind it. I learned a lot, hope you do too.

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Los Angeles BItcoin Meetup with Jonas Schnelli

Bitcoin Core

Chaincode Labs



MIT Digital Currency Initiative

Digital Bitbox

Jonas Twitter

Jonas GitHub


Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to The Bitcoin Game! Should I make 50 more episodes, or was 50 enough? Let me know!

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While much of a Bitcoiner’s time is spent in the world of digital assets, sometimes it’s nice to own a physical representation of the virtual things you care about. For just the price of a cup of coffee or two (at Starbucks), you can own your own Bitcoin Keychain or the newer Bitcoin Fork Pen.

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All music in this episode of The Bitcoin Game was created by Rob Mitchell.

The Bitcoin Game box art was created from an illustration by Rock Barcellos.

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