Tennis Superstar Reveals Which Exchange They Used to Invest in Crypto

Serena Williams

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Coinbase is one of the largest exchanges in the world, and it had received funding from Serena Ventures, a venture fund owned by Serena Williams. The news was broken by Serena herself on Instagram where she introduced her company to the world at large and included some examples of the companies that she had invested in.

Serena Ventures invested in Coinbase

So if you’re buying Bitcoin from Coinbase, then you have one far-sighted tennis superstar to thank for that. She explained that she launched Serena Ventures in 2014, jokingly mentioning that she really knew how to keep a secret. She stated that her mission with Serena Ventures was to give opportunities to founders across a wide variety of industries. Her company, she says, follows principles that she herself holds close to her heart. Companies that empower individuals and have diverse leadership teams, are creative and embrace all opportunities given.

She then asked her followers to slide right to see some of the brands that she had invested in. Among the brands was Coinbase, one of the premier online digital exchanges to buy Bitcoin. Cryptheads were astounded that someone with such a high profile would be so open about investing in cryptocurrency. While it is normal for many to see tech-related celebrities take part in the cryptocurrency revolution while sports stars usually keep out of the way and let their managers do the work.

Serena, however, has shown that she is just as capable in the board room as she is on the court. While she has many advisers, she makes many of the final decisions herself and even encourages companies in the Serena Ventures portfolio to collaborate whenever possible.

Coinbase going from strength to strength

While the venture capital industry is setting new records with regards to cryptocurrency startups, Coinbase is using its newfound capital to expand it’s operations to Japan and Latin America. Latin America, in particular, is a very competitive market where the extra cash from Serena Ventures will come in very useful.

Coinbase does not just support the buying and selling of cryptocurrency, it offers a wide range of services to all its users. There are frequent airdrops tied to education, particularly with XRP. Coinbase is looking to be a leader in this market and the company thinks that it will only achieve this if they manage to educate more people. While fighting for market share in the current market is still lucrative, the real money is waiting in the mass market appeal.

That is one of the key reason they have been partnering with various crypto providers to offer airdrops of cryptocurrency and to offer educational benefits. The more people know, Coinbase feels, the more they will appreciate a company that helped them into the field.

Serena, on the other hand, is currently ranked as the number one female tennis player in the world. She has the star power that very few sportspeople in the world possess. Seeing her openly support a cryptocurrency company can only mean good things for the industry as more people will feel familiar to cryptocurrency companies via contact through their favorite celebrities.

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