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This blockchain project makes you the architect of your financial independence

Since the invention of Bitcoin in 2009, we have witnessed a dramatic change in the world of global finance. Blockchain technology, which is the backbone of Bitcoin, changed the way we perceive money and wealth in general. These days you can see headlines mentioning crypto-millionaires and people making money trading digital currencies.

The next boom happened with the “invention” of ICOs – start-ups funding themselves by selling their tokens – again, cryptocurrencies formed by those start-ups.  With this rapid development, government institutions around the globe did not have time to respond to these changes in terms of regulations. As the crypto industry advanced, governments began to search ways to control it.  With the proliferation of ICOs, we see more regulations coming in developed countries, such as Japan, USA, South Korea and others.

SPINDLE is an ICO project that describes itself as “the world’s first match-making platform for private investors and cryptocurrency funds.”[1]   The following problems are identified in their white paper:

  1. Inhibition of free trading due to excessive regulation
  2. Inhibition of free trading due to excessive consumer protection
  3. Inhibition of improving the investment literacy of common people
  4. Inhibition of decentralization (financial democratization)

The goal is to create “autonomous human beings” through a series of implemented programs called ZETA.  SPINDLE, through the matchmaking investment platform, wants you to be the architect of your financial independence and become the sole designer of your life. This will be achieved through 4 stages:

  1.      Monitoring & Reporting Service
  2.      Unique Distributed Exchange
  3.      Distributed Credit Scoring System
  4.      Credit Autonomy
  5.      Monitoring & Reporting Service

ZETA-1 is a monitoring and reporting service platform that utilizes blockchain technology and offers premium services to cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto hedge funds, and cryptocurrency investors[2]. ZETA-1 participants can use all functions for free. For example, ZETA-1 will provide information about a fund, past activities, transactions or reports. This service will provide investors with accurate and non-changeable information about the respective fund. Enabling investors to access this accurate data will help boost their confidence in funds or exchanges.

  1.      Unique Distributed Exchange

ZETA-2 will release a uniquely distributed exchange. Past negative experiences with Mt. Gox and Coincheck have deeply undermined public trust in exchanges. Many people lost money, which to this day leaves exchanges as one of the least trusted parties in the entire cryptocurrency industry. These exchanges were centralized with a single point of failure, which is common in centralized systems. SPINDLE will overcome this problem in three steps:

  1.      An atomic, high-speed distributed exchange (DEX) featuring layer two technologies
  2.      Trustless Follow Trading System
  3.      Information provision in conjunction with ZETA


ZETA-2’s distributed exchange will help eliminate many issues, such as scalability and transaction delays, which are associated with a centralized exchange. In the Trustless follow trading system, an investor would be able to pay to emulate another user’s investment strategies without the need to entrust assets operating on outsource.

  1.  Distributed Credit Scoring System

ZETA-3 will implement a dispersed credit scoring system based on the data accumulated from ZETA-1 and ZETA-2[3].  With the need to overcome centralized systems and their inherent flaws, ZETA-3 will be a fundamentally fair system that is independent of specific individuals, companies, and countries. Autonomous credit scoring will be made by the dispersed architecture and based on objective transaction data on ZETA-2 and ratings between users. Fair and adequate credit scoring will realize a real assessment of economic freedom.[4]

  1.      Credit Autonomy

ZETA-4 is the future vision beyond the previous three stages. The credit autonomy will be achieved by AI analyzing and evaluating previous transaction information. This will enable customized business predictions, which will have dominance over conventional credit systems.

SPINDLE’s team members are located in London, Shanghai and Tokyo. The CEO Masamitsu Hirai has long experience in investment funds and investing strategy.

Beside the CEO, all team members seem to have extensive experience in finance/investing and funds. Combined with the fact that ¼ of total tokens were sold even before the ICO, the project seems to have a bright future. While we have a lot of ICOs cropping up on a daily basis, the industry actually lacks serious projects that tend to disrupt the current conventional investment sector. That’s exactly what SPINDLE aims to do with this large ecosystem helping investors find the perfect, risk-free investment.


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