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Chapter 1

The SP8DE project has begun with a complete lack of external financial support, zero self-funding, and obviously no marketing budget to attract at least some attention of the masses. The world of ICO markets is tough. This market today is a wild west: the one law in existence is that of self-interest, and for most the only shepherd is greed. Every single unit of traffic, every single lead is stretched until the limit by the other ICO projects that are simply too many for this narrow market. Add to this,one of the biggest surges in the aggregate capitalization of cryptocurrency markets that has squeezed the last fresh cash flows out of the ICO domain. The rapidly accelerating tendency of the investment public to invest less in ICOs than ever before seemed like a shining apex at the top of the dusty pile of reasons why not to start SP8DE’s crowdsale.

On the one hand, there was the voice of reason, on the other, long-cherished dream of making the mathematical paradise of pure entropy an objective reality.

The 4 people who comprised the SP8DE team originally had many more concerns to take into account than just the ones mentioned above, such as the necessity of attending to the daily duties on a regular job, guarding the peace and comfort of a pregnant wife and last but not least, desperately hunting for funds to have at least some foundation upon which the young project can be constructed.

But the dream was burning brighter than any of the fire traps; it was like a morning star illuminating the right way. Equipped with faith, they started doing. Just doing what needed to be done – an old-time perfect recipe for success of any venture. The reward came quickly, probably far too quickly: the initial success of collecting over 3000 ETH within two and a half weeks was a surprise for everyone including the team. Currently having over 8800 ETH crowdfunded, who could expect that a project with no community, no funding and no marketing could make it that far this quickly? Money, of course, brings more money. In a blink of an eye those who have denied providing some bare minimal funding being offered terms as favorable as those that a loan shark enjoys were running on a crowd sale to attempt to get their SPXs on the terms no better than anyone’s else.

This was the moment of glory. But, as it turned out, the clouds have just been gathering.

Chapter 2

With the initial success came an ocean of hard work. Making an ICO without a fully packed, physically collocated team of at least 10 to 15 people is a prerequisite for a tough challenge ahead. SP8DE’s team started rapidly expanding to include many support people, technical advisors and specialists in smart contracts and ICO security. The implementation of the jackpot procedure was a tough thing to design and deploy. Conforming to the highest industry standards of security was even tougher.

At this point, the team had to address all the weaknesses in the project design. Some of them were apparent from the beginning, others became apparent only after. Many aspects of the SP8DE platform original design (as well as later improvements) have been inspired by people from one of the (if not the) smartest and united communities in the world: the Silicon Valley, the place where the engine that drives human progress forward is currently cherished, maintained and improved.

So, what is SP8DE? In its core, SP8DE is a platform based on the blockchain technology that

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