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Solana Aims to Build a Web3 Friendly Smartphone

Solan mobile phone
Solan mobile phone

Solana has just surprised everyone with their recent announcement about the Web3 phone ‘Saga’. Solana’s phone will be the first in the industry to offer Web3 technology in the form of a mobile device. The phone will include a dApp store and hardware private key protection with Solana SDKs.

Anatoly Yakovenko announced that he and his team at Solana Labs have created the world’s first Web 3.0 phone, Saga. This device provides a decentralized applications store that allows users to download decentralized apps such as trading platforms and NFT marketplaces.

The price of the Solana native crypto token, SOL, has been rising as people purchase it following the release of a new smartphone. Designed with Solana’s powerful blockchain system, this Web3-enabled phone will allow users to connect to decentralized apps conveniently.

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The dApp store will be released without fees, and the team aims to make it so that community members will eventually be able to invest in and vote on the items found in the store.

Solana is a famous blockchain. It is one of the largest in crypto. It is better than Ethereum because it has more speed (65,000 transactions per second) and lower fees. However, it is condemned for its high level of centralization and for frequent interruptions.

Solana Labs’ Latest Phone ‘Saga’ – Features, Costing and Availability

Solana Labs’ latest phone ‘Saga’ which has a 6.6-inch display, 512 GB of storage, and 12 GB of RAM will be available in the 1st financial quarter of 2023. The company doesn’t expect to ship it until after the speculated time, but you can now pre-order it for 100 USDC on their website.

The company OSOM is designing and manufacturing Solana. OSOM’s old phone, OV1, has been repurposed to fit Solana’s demands.

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Saga will be a smartphone that has a 120Hz OLED display, RAM from Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chip and 50 MP front camera with adjoined 12 MP ultra-wide shooter.

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Solana Foundation Kickstart Funds for Mobile Ecosystem

The Solana Foundation will invest $10 million to boost mobile ecosystem growth. Funds will be used to encourage the development of dApps, while simultaneously working to boost the industry.

Solana’s launch can shift them from a crypto-centric world to one in which they are also on the same level as Apple, Microsoft, and Android. Solana’s mobile focus will help provide users with more web3 options. Ultimately, this effort will increase the reach of the Solana ecosystem to mainstream audiences.

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The announcement of the crypto mobile device has come at a time when the industry is bleeding at its worst. The CEO, Yakovenko has said, “It’s not something that mainstream consumers would use,” but perhaps it will be embraced by hardcore crypto users.

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