Smith + Crown CEO Shares Crypto Market Trends on OSTLive Podcast

Smith + Crown CEO Shares Crypto Market Trends on OSTLive Podcast
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Our very own CEO, Brian Lio, joined the Simple Token team for Episode 51 of their OST Live Podcast to discuss trends in crypto markets. In it, Brian reflects on the drivers behind the bear market of 2017, and what clues the current environment can give us as to where the market is headed next.




Here’s what the interview covers:

  • What to expect from crypto market cycles

The market naturally reconfigures itself roughly every 6 months. As a neutral research organization, Smith + Crown is able to ingest a huge amount of information and identify key reconfiguration patterns.


  • How funding has evolved for blockchain based projects

While token sales or “ICO’s” have dramatically slowed, there’s still significant fundraising activity in blockchain taking the form of traditional deal structures and funding vehicles such as equity.


  • The role of regulation in fundraising and market activity

Regulation is perhaps the fastest moving area to track in the crypto space, and affects where projects are willing to do business and raise money.


  • The role of the Chamber of Digital Commerce’s Token Alliance

Smith + Crown is Chief Research Advisor to the Token Alliance, and works with with top industry leaders to report on best practices and suggested guidelines to support blockchain regulators and thought leaders worldwide. See the latest report here.


  • The state of the industry and where it might be headed

The crypto space is maturing, and Brian highlights the industries, actors and types of solutions that are seeing the most activity.


  • Tools for research and intelligence on the horizon

Redundant research and incomplete information still abounds in the crypto space. Because no single person or organization has a complete database of activity, there’s a huge need for better tools that help participants sift signal from noise. Smith + Crown is developing one such tool, with an announcement planned soon.


Disclosure: Smith + Crown was previously a compensated advisor to Simple Token

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