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RobotEra Setting New Heights For Metaverse Coins – Be One Of The First Investors

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The latest crypto metaverse project Robotera, introduced as a presale in the fourth quarter of last year, has now stepped up the pace. This one of the best metaverse cryptos has raised more than $700k at the time of writing and is likely to rule 2023.

Presale 1 is about to close its doors, and you go grab the chance to become an early mover right now by visiting The cost of 1 TARO – the native token of Robotera – is currently 0.020 USDT. The TARO presale price will go up in the second round to 0.025 USDT.

RobotEra is a unique metaverse project that, in many ways, is similar to the Sandbox. But it has enough utilities of its own that set it apart from the rest.

RobotEra – An Inclusive Metaverse Giving Complete Control to Users

The Sandbox’s approach to the metaverse allowed many to join up and create their own stuff within the virtual world – but what can be done is limited. Another limiting factor is the less-than-inclusive price point.  RobotEra is different. In hindsight, it might seem similar to Sandbox, but it introduces a creative tool that allows users to create customized worlds and NFTs within the space that they can then use as a virtual playground, a virtual meeting point, or simply as a tradable asset.

An interesting story to back up the ecosystem

At the center of every metaverse is a great story – RobotEra is no different. Your character – Avatar in the world of TARO – a robotic planet – is a robot. Things happen, worlds collide and collapse, and your character and others are here to pick up the pieces and reform the world of Taro.

The world of TARO will have you rebuild the planet, piece by piece. And helping you in your endeavor will be robot companions that you will design.

The simplicity and open-mindedness of this story have attracted a lot of attention to this project. That attention will push this project in positive ways. It is especially important since the incidents that caused the crypto winter to arrive in the summer of last year have evaporated many people’s belief in crypto.

RobotEra is one of the few projects that is trying to reignite the flame and drive more adoption to the metaverse – once again.

Robots – Your Representation in the Metaverse

The primary NFTs- your avatars – with the RobotEra metaverse – the era of Robots – are robots. These robots have human minds – yours. Each robot is an ERC 721 token, an NFT with unique attributes unique look, and something unique to add to the metaverse.

Robots companions – Your Alleys to help you Grow within the Metaverse

Even though you’d be engaging with other Robots within the TARO metaverse – you will someone to do stuff for you – like mining resources, building factories, and exploring territories to find secrets that your Robot might be too weak to do.

With the Robot Editor, you will get her power to design Robots however you see fit. Pick the base design when it finally arrives and add attributes to use these companions the way you see fit.

Continents- Your Parcel With the World of Taro

There are seven different types of locations on the planet Taro. While the world did collapse, Robots came together to form it back. As a result, you will find several biomes here, including deserts, islands, hills, plains, and deserts.

You will be dropped a parcel of land from these continents – or you can buy it. That piece of land is your wealth generator, your money minter that you can mine resources from and create structures for other players to engage with.

What Makes RobotEra a Project That you Must Not Miss This Year

All this talk about land and robots may hit you with a dose of nostalgia. You might think that you’ve heard all of this before. What does RobotEra do that’s different? The difference lies in the fact that the native crypto of this metaverse project – TARO – is more inclusive, more powerful, and provides you with more utilities within the metaverse.

Create your Land and Robots

It is important that you have a unique identity within the metaverse. That’s where the land and robot creation project will help you separate yourself from the rest. You can mine resources within your parcel or land and build infrastructure. That structure can be a home, a part, a mall – anything that you can imagine.

If you’re running a brand, having an infrastructure will become a rentable space within the metaverse. And helping you create these infrastructures will be the robots that you will help create.

Every asset you create is ownable, and everything you produce is tradable.

A DAO to Give you a Say in the Community

There is no centralized body controlling the metaverse. RobotEra is also a great DAO crypto project that gives you – the community – the control over the development direction that this project will take.

All you need is to pledge your TARO tokens – and you will become part of the RobotEra DAO.

Staking Rewards

Pledging your tokens won’t give you a way inside the project’s DAO but will also give you lucrative APY rewards. That staking mechanic here is gamified, meaning that the passive income you generate can be more or less depending on your activities within the ecosystem.

Events and Mining

Where there is a metaverse, there are events, and where there are events, there are rewards. The world of RobotEra is bright. And while it takes cues from Sandbox and RobotEra – the power of creation here is more powerful. It will help you create events or participate in existing ones.

Event participation will increase your exposure while giving you access to multiple types of rewards – and recognition of major brands that will likely partner with RobotEra once it finally goes live.

Also, mining resources on the land you buy will give you raw materials to use as raw materials for crafting NFTs. Never before has there been an easier way to create an NFT. But RobotEra is making it possible through a “metaverses within a metaverse” approach.

RobotEra Presale is Live – And Over $700k has been raised

RobotEra has finally opened the door to its presale and has quickly gained ground and raised more than $700k. With the benchmark of $1 million near, RobotEra is already hitting the ground running as one of the best utility-based cryptos to land this year.

Presale stage  Total Coins Dedicated  Presale price  Stage target 
1st Stage  90 million  0.020  $1.8 million 
2nd Stage  90 million  0.025  $2.25 million 
3rd Stage  90 million  0.032  $2.88 million 

RobotEra has what it takes to make it to the top of the best cryptos list this year – so you better go to the official website,, and participate in the presale.

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