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RobotEra Crypto Presale Update – Metaverse Token with Potential?

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The powerful platform that combines entertainment and interaction RobotEra has successful raised $700,000 in the first phase of its presale. RobotEra allows you the ability to create your own virtual reality experiences from the comfort of your own home, as well as the ability to establish your own economy and earn a significant income at the same time.

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The full RobotEra crypto presale update in the video above, follow his YouTube channel for more best metaverse project reviews.

About RobotEra

The planet-rebuilding metaverse that RobotEra is creating is similar to a sandbox. You’ll be able to build robot companions, gather materials from the planet, farm your own land, and take part in the world’s creation by becoming a robot yourself. Here, robots can achieve anything they can dream of and shape the future together.

RobotEra (TARO) Presale Update

RobotEra transactions and interactions use TARO. ERC-20 Ethereum utility token. Gamers, developers, and publishers will utilize it to swap assets and construct a user-based rewards program while creating and sharing unique gaming experiences.

The RobotEra multiverse’s TARO token is one of 2022’s hottest presales of 2022 – 2023 and has raised $700,000 in its first stage of presale. Currently one TARO costs $0.020. You can buy directly with your USDT, or you can buy with the ETH in your wallet. Here is the guide on how to buy TARO token.

After the public presale ends, you can use the claim page to claim your purchased TARO.

RobotEra NFTs

To provide players a true blockchain construction experience, RobotEra will incorporate NFT assets into the game. ERC-1155 (robot companions) and ERC-721 (land/continent) tokens represent user-generated assets. ERC-1155/721 token standards guarantee NFT item scarcity and verifiability. Each token has a unique identification and optional metadata, allowing a smart contract to track token ownership at the token level.

Robot NFT

RobotEra’s players will be robots. Players will log into their metaverse with these digital IDs. Players have individual identities. Good luck if you own a Robot NFT avatar. Your Taro avatar will be a 3D character model that matches the NFT avatar. No Robot NFT avatar? No problem. Taro will randomly give you a 3D character model.

Land NFT

Taro will have several terrain types. Players can freely construct and explore their topography and resource ratios. Get the Robot NFT avatar to get these lands. Airdrops or purchases of these territories require ownership. Once owned, you can mine and harvest materials, build residences, make robot friends, and more. Your country, your world.

Robot Companion NFT

Players will need the robot companion on Planet Taro to survive and thrive in the new environment. Robot companions are made at the machine component and robot companion work benches. Robot editors let you customize robot companions. An original robot companion is art. Robot buddies are tradeable NFTs.

How to Earn in RobotEra

RobotEra is a revolutionary platform that combines virtual entertainment with unique benefits. You can easily get income by creating & selling NFTs, staking tokens, and more. RobotEra players can sell NFTs if they control continents. Land, robot companions, components, and more comprise the game’s NFTs.

Pledge and invest in the world with extra tokens. This will generate recurring passive income. Large teams can host events on independent Taro continents. Global exposure and popularity in RobotEra have several rewards. Earn from trading, exploration, mining, and random events on Taro.


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