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The rapid evolution of the cryptocurrency market, and increasing number of professionals operating in this sphere, has driven an urgent need for reliable exchange services of a professional level.  As the world’s first hybrid digital asset exchange, Qurrex is in the process of perfecting an innovative cryptocurrency exchange platform featuring high-level security and performance.

Through integrating a centralised industry platform with a decentralised blockchain protocol, Qurrex’s hybrid exchange can deliver solutions to the problems that have plagued the cryptocurrency market for years. At present, the exchange ecosystem is leaving market participants vulnerable – with some reporting persistent bottlenecks in their trading activity.

Issues such as low liquidity and a lack of APIs or protocols to connect systems have long caused headaches for traders. Not only that, the speed of executing operations in multiple projects is largely dependent on the speed of the blockchain network and incoming order confirmations of the second party’s deal, which, again has historically proved troublesome. Qurrex aims to completely eradicate these problems.

The rise in digital assets has given way to an ongoing problem that is seldom addressed, yet persistently unresolved, namely unscrupulous individuals looking steal cryptocurrency before it can be mined by owners. This has reflected poorly on the cryptocurrency market.

Qurrex is determined to remedy this problem by allowing users to store their assets in cold storage wallets. This assures owners that their digital currency is safeguarded against potential intrusion by opportunistic thieves.

One of the main problems that face traders of cryptocurrency exchanges is that, unlike traditional exchanges on Nasdaq, high-speed data platform connectivity has continued to cause frustrations. This is not the cause with Qurrex’s next-generation platform.

Unlike other differing cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Coinbase and Bitpanda, Qurrex’s platform is designed specifically for high-frequency and high-volume trading. This is ideal for both the casual trader and industry professionals whom need a reliable and responsive platform to conduct their trading.

The efficiency of cryptocurrency exchanges and traditional stock options changes hinges on the service level provided and performance of the platform. Qurrex’s platform has been built to rival the performance of Nasdaq and NYSE. Implemented performance tools allow the platform to make approximately 70,000 operations per second. Traditional exchanges can perform anywhere between 40,000-100,000 operations.

At present, Nasdaq, LSE and CME can operate 100,000 transactions per second, provided they operate with low latency. Despite being at the beginning of its evolutionary lifespan, Qurrex load testing results have already demonstrated an operational capacity to reach 70,000 transactions per second, with a latency of 650μs, or 99%. It’s not unreasonable to assume that as the technology evolves – especially after having completed a successful initial ICO – scalable transactions will increase Qurrex’s transaction capacity per second, in addition to reducing latency.

In addition, on April 4th 2018, Qurrex our strategic partnership with Andromeda Group. This will allow Qurrex to expand and enhance market making, OTC desk operations and listing exchanges – thereby attracting crypto investors.

It should also be noted that in addition to offering high-performance trading, Qurrex should start to see perpetual liquidity with the integration of the Bancor Protocol, allowing markets access to continuous liquidity, whilst being able to convert digital assets with ease. This is a major selling point for the platform, and one that has drawn the attention of cryptocurrency professionals.

Qurrex is dedicated to solving the problems that have repeated stopped the cryptocurrency and finance markets from prospering. With the current market booming, allowing for greater investment opportunities than ever before, it seems that Qurrex has arrived in the cryptocurrency market just in the nick of time.