PewDiePie on the Move to Start a Rush into the Blockchain Technology

PewDiePie on the Move to Start a Rush into the Blockchain Technology

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Felix Kjellberg, a Sweden citizen with a Youtube name, PewDiePie recently joined the move to sponsor the blockchain technology.  His announcement is going to start a new trend in technology because millions of people are already on alert. Although he is not the first entity to facilitate the adoption of Blockchain, his interest is very diverse. The technology has seen much notable sponsorship since inception.

Many companies have been contributing to the worldwide adoption of blockchain technology. For instance, a Japanese giant in the commerce industry Rakuten is permitting consumers to buy with Bitcoin from them. They are pushing the locals by offering them discounts on their purchases in the stores. Also, IBM is giving access to Fortune 500 companies to acquire the blockchain tech. Fidelity Investments also are amongst the promoters of this tech. The company’s offering is regularly exposing crypto assets to institutional investors in their thousands. Also, the popularity of Bitcoin trading is still another means through which blockchain is excelling.

PewDiePie Recent Meme Review

Kjellberg has started making moves as shown in his “Meme Review.” He kicked off the segment by making comments about “DLive” which is a new streaming platform in the industry. No one would have noticed the move since the Swedish YouTuber often sponsors tech companies.  However, the “King of YouTube” as people commonly call him this time picked a platform that focuses on the blockchain. Subscribers noticed that PewDiePie mentioned it in 20 seconds into the sponsorship spiel.

His statements about DLive was nothing more than to provide a crypto asset to creators & users. The digital asset which DLive offer is on Lino blockchain which rests on Cosmos technology. We don’t know how the YouTuber plans to proceed with the business relationship. All we know is that the YouTube king will be streaming live on DLive in the coming week.

Already, almost 2.5 million YouTube viewers have gotten pro-blockchain content which lasts for 80seconds. The move is a good thing for technology. We can recall that the video gamer has made a move into the crypto & blockchain space before. Sometime last year, the YouTuber jointly introduced “SgamePro” crypto project to the industry. This was during the ICO boom. Although he didn’t post the promotional video on his channel, the SgamePro owners uploaded it.

Will the Sponsorship favor Blockchain?

We can’t say with certainty that Kjellberg’s involvement in the blockchain sphere is a good one for the tech. The reason being that the YouTuber is popular for being controversial. Many incidents have come up against him in the past where people accused him of promoting racism & bigotry.

Many people in the industry have even called him a racist in hiding. Well, some of the videos he uploaded in the past were misinterpreted as showcasing anti-Semitic beliefs. He, however, didn’t help matters when he used a slur in one of his live stream on YouTube.

We don’t know if the accusations are true or not. He has tried to dismiss some of the claims as false and also took some measures to change his image. Anyway, that’s beside the point. One thing we expect is that this latest sponsorship and partnership with DLive is good for blockchain tech.

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