Cryptocurrencies are blooming at the moment, making this an ideal to create digital e-commerce market. Bazista is a marketplace that enables cryptocurrencies and digital assets (tokens) as an exchange instrument for goods and services.

For any trading company, e-commerce is almost inevitable nowadays. Buying and selling is increasingly done online, increasing also the use of cryptocurrencies. Bazista is an e-commerce platform in the digital economy that allows companies to buy and sell choosing static or dynamic price for the goods as volatile cryptocurrencies market is still on its rapidly growing stage (the exact amount to pay is calculating on the purchase moment), UX design and intuitive navigation, quick add of goods using the phone’s camera, adding goods with photos via Telegram bot, built-in fiat/crypto exchange, intuitive categories prediction, smart analytic tools to increase sales efficiency (neural network, simple AI).

Nowadays there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies and Bazista provides easy and comfortable solution by integrating digital assets as paying instrument for most of them.

By depositing BZS tokens on a personal account on a personal account any user can reduce commissions up to 0% and use BZS token to activate additional Bazista features. On the platform, you will be able to convert popular digital assets into real and valuable goods.

If you wish to sell or market your services, Bazista will provide you with a wide range of technical and marketing tools. As a user of the platform, you will receive some additional advantages. You will receive BZS tokens for inviting new users to the platform and for promoting their offers. Tokens obtained from user activity can be exchanged on any goods on the platform with special discounts. Every once in a while a discount sale campaign will be launched, offering popular products for reduced prices for users who exchange them with BZS tokens. MVP of the platform will be shown to public before the initial launch of ICO.

The total number of generated BZS tokens is 440 000 000 and proportionately distributed for the development and realization of the project. Become a part of another advancement in E-commerce industry. Pre-ICO stage that will start on November 16th at 12:00 (+3 UTC) and will last till the 21.11.17 at 12:00:00 (+3 UTC), making 5 days in total. Bazista will offer 45% bonuses reserved for pre-ICO that is perfectly design as an appreciation for the project’s early supporters. BZS Tokens that won’t be sold during the pre-ICO round will be added to the larger amount offered during the main round of crowdsale. Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 11 000 BZS (not including discount).

The main stage of the ICO is set in December of 2017.
For more information on Bazista and how to participate in the upcoming Pre-ICO, please visit

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