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Oryen Network surges incredible 140%, beats DOGE and Big Eyes easily

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With a solid increase of 140%, Oreyon’s presale has beaten out its major competitors. To put this in perspective, the average ROI for the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Big Eyes and Dogecoin, is only a few percent as compared to ORY.

Investors are always on the lookout for the next big thing in the cryptocurrency market. But when there are many options, choosing the best one is hard. Investors need the highest possible return on investments no matter which cryptocurrency they like best. Oryen has its own buzz because of its features and uniqueness.

What makes ORY Matchless?

Oryen is a state-of-the-art automated staking protocol that gives token holders a very high-interest rate that grows independently. Oryen Network says that for its community to make a steady flow of money, it needs a safe, easy-to-use environment.

The network gives its investors a daily rebase reward worth 0.177% and a fixed annual return of 90%. The unique compound interest is made possible by a simple system. When you buy an ORY token, you automatically stake it in your wallet and earn interest on your holdings.

In the first stage, the cost of ORY was $0.05. Currently, it is $0.12, showing how quickly it has increased and how much more it could go up. Oryen is in phase 4 right now, which has the following structure and periods:

  • Presale 2 – ORY Price – $0.1 + Purchase Bonus – 10% [From 02 Nov – 09 Nov]
  • Presale 3 – ORY Price – $0.11 + Purchase Bonus – 9% [From 09 Nov – 16 Nov]
  • Presale 4 – ORY Price – $0.12 + Purchase Bonus – 8% [From 16 Nov – 23 Nov]
  • Presale 5 – ORY Price – $0.12 + Purchase Bonus – 7% [From 23 Nov – 02 Dec]

Oryen has also undergone an audit by SolidProof, and third-party security specialists have reviewed its technical architecture. Last but not least, Crypto enthusiast Jim Crypto predicts that this coin’s value will continue to rise over the next few months in a video he posted on YouTube.

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a DeFi coin run by its user community, which appreciates cute memes. The platform’s native token, BIG, promotes NFT clubs and creates value for its users. In addition, the Big Eyes platform is geared toward helping organizations, so the company promotes nonprofit initiatives.


By utilizing the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, Dogecoin introduced millions of people to cryptocurrency and turned its early adopters into billionaires. In addition, more people have started using DOGE because it has a smaller carbon footprint than other currencies. Therefore, DOGE’s market cap has increased throughout its cryptocurrency career.

To Sum up

The high rate of return on investment made possible by the Oryen ICO makes it a desirable investment. Since Oryen Ico has many redeeming qualities, we anticipate its future growth. ORY’s unique potential in the cryptocurrency industry has led analysts to predict that it will test new highs shortly.

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