NFL Refuses To Pay Players In Bitcoin

NFL Refuses To Pay Players In Bitcoin
NFL Refuses To Pay Players In Bitcoin
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There is a growing list of Bitcoin enthusiasts in the NFL, and they are clamoring for their contracts to be paid in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in the last two months have brought it back squarely into the limelight, and there is no better vehicle for marketing in the United States than the NFL. The Superbowl is the United States’ premier launch party for many franchises and movies, and with the growing number of NFL athletes interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, in general, it is looking like it could be time for Bitcoin to shine truly.

Matt Barkley asked for Bitcoin payment twice so far

Co-founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital tweeted recently that NFL quarterback Matt Barkley had wanted to be paid in cryptocurrency, and adding that he not the only one in the NFL. Crypto Twitter was eager to help the NFL star in his crypto journey, but he showed his audience that he was already a step ahead of the game. Apparently, the quarterback has already gotten himself into the mining business.

Commentators in the crypto community are sure that the NFL will eventually cave into the demands of its players, who are a growing voice in the crypto world. Russell Okung tweeted publicly that he wanted to be paid in Bitcoin and he hasn’t stopped tweeting about crypto since then. He went on to muse about how great it would be to see an ESPN headline that had to do with an athlete being paid in Bitcoin.

Industry participants get in on the action

Following his tweets showing an interest in Bitcoin, there was immediate interest from exchanges looking to help the NFL star in starting his journey. One Twitter user who told Okung that the best crypto exchange for Bitcoin trading had to be Bittrex. The exchange was quick off the mark and sent a tweet to Okung, saying that they would love to introduce him to Bittrex and that he should get in touch with them via DM.

Trezor, a crypto wallet company, also got in on the action. They asked the Los Angeles Chargers Left Tackle to DM them so they could hook him up with a wallet that he would need to store all the coins such a payment would entail.

NFL will cave sooner rather than later

The NFL is a monster juggernaut of a marketing machine that is very closely in touch the needs of both its owners, its players, and its customer base. Nfl teams are valued at billions of dollars with the first team to reach a 10 billion dollar valuation being the Dallas Cowboys, despite not having played in Superbowl in over two decades.

This shows that the sport and those running are very attuned to the winds of change and they have always been quick on the uptake with regards to new technologies. Television, Cable TV packages, social media, and online streaming have all been welcomed into the stable by the NFL because they could help it become better.

Bitcoin will follow too, simply because ti will be a much cheaper way to pay the players, along with offering a veritable treasure trove of advantages that blockchain generally allows. It could even revolutionize how blockchain works within a sport system.

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