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Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Tuesday May 16 – ApeCoin, Coinflux, LDO


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Against the backdrop of the gloom that overshadowed the coin market last weekend, we may be seeing a comparative bullish run in the coming days. The coin market has seen a flat run as most traders are watching out for emerging regulatory changes. Following our explosive coin release of yesterday, below are some of the coins to keep an eye on as they make the list of our next cryptocurrencies to explode for today, Tuesday, May 16. Our top picks include Coinflux, LidoDAO, Frax Share, and others that have shown above 5% gains over the last 24 hours.

Next Cryptocurrency to Explode: Tuesday, May 16

Below are a curated list of coins that’s shown increasing price gain over the past 24 hours. There are several other coins on the market with substantial gains. However, we’ve included these one on our list of next cryptocurrency to Explode because of their consistent gains over time.

1. Conflux (FLUX)

Conflux CFX

Conflux, or FLUX, may be seeing some level of price gains following its recent dip. As of May 16th, the FLUX price hit an approximate high of 13.7% gains compared to its 24 hour gain of 11% on May 15th. Its price increase pushes it to the top of the list of gainers over the last 24-hour period. Conflux could be the next cheap cryptocurrency to explode if it continues with its consistent growth. 

Despite opening the year with a low of $0.022, it has quickly maintained a price range of $0.03–$0.04, even before the middle of the year. The platform is implementing a robust program to provide utility to token holders across its network. Its token economy allows holders to earn rewards for staking, renting storage, and other activities across the network. 

Increasing community-wide utility may also have contributed to its growing value as more investors and holders develop confidence in the cryptocurrency. Besides its internal utility, news making the rounds shows that the partnership between China Telecoms and the CoinFlux network to create Blockchain SIM (BSIM) could bring the perceived value of the coin to a new height. Analysts have reported that there’s a likelihood of consistent FLUX gains continuing to surge over the coming days and weeks. The increase follows the increase in FLUX utility.

At its full potential, it’s expected that the ConFlux network would provide lending options to holders, therefore further boosting its utility and keeping investors on the platform over a longer period of time.

2. Lido DAO (LDO)

Lido DAO, which is one of the most successful Ethereum-based derivatives, may also be seeing some massive gains today. Its last 24 hours gains have moved its price to $1.7. However, as of today, the gains have hit a new high of 7%, putting its price at $2.10. The surge has put it on the list of top gainers to watch.

When compared to the 84% drop in price across coin markets, Lido DAO passes as one of the explosive coins, and the spike in price may continue throughout the week. One reason for these is the rising interest of investors in the staking games. Staking is one of the many ways coin investors earn passive returns on their assets.

With higher rewards meted out for Ethereum staking, investors may favor Lido DAO over many of its alternatives. This move is bound to keep the price in an upward trend. Another trending influence that may keep the coin price going up for the rest of the week is the release of the V2 protocol.

3. ApeCoin (APE)

Also top on our list of high-performing cryptocurrencies on May 16th is ApeCon. Its value gained 1.4% increase over the 24-hour period. The overall growth in Apecoin’s price has been consistent since its inception in 2022. One of the main reasons for its growth was the massive utility it enjoyed across its network and its adoption as the funding coin for the Ape Foundation.

Investors are positive that with a growth rate of over 3000% in less than a year, APE may be tending towards a massive rally in the coming years. As of today, APE’s value has gone up to $3.58, and it has a market capitalization of $1,319,269,363.

The price and cap gains have recorded a 24-hour increase. Besides many innovations across the ApeCoin network, one of the major drivers of growth we’ve observed is the launch of the Staking Protocol, which may allow holders to secure an amount of APE token.

This would serve as a medium for investors to generate some passive funds from their coin holdings. Other utilities and cross-platform integration may also push the perceived value of APE into new highs as investors rally towards the coin’s Meterverse utility. In our observation, APE’s gains may continue their upward trend over the coming days and weeks. ApeCoin (APE) is listed on eToro.

4. Launchpad XYZ (LPX)

As Launchpad XYZ draws closer to the next presale price increase, now may be the best time to be a part of what could be one of the most valuable Web3 coins. Despite being in the presale phase, Launchpad has already garnered growing interest among presale investors.

The utility of Launchpad is already igniting the interests of coin investors, as the platform helps presale investors identify coins with the potential to perform well in the future. A platform with such capability would not only appeal to savvy investors but also to upcoming crypto enthusiasts who wish to spot small-cap coins with the chance of becoming big winners.

Launchpad XYZ is loaded with tools that provide both visual and analytical capabilities to investors in presale markets. It makes it easy to identify viable and profitable presale offers before they hit the market. Over a period of 40+ days, Launchpad XYZ has raised a whopping $470,000 in presale funding. This attests to the potential of the coin.

5. BitDAO


Despite experiencing a recent downturn over the years, BitDAO has begun to show signs of picking up. Its 24-hour price gain is in the range of 1.3% from May 15th to May 16th to show signs of picking up. Its 24-hour price gain is in the range of 1.3% from May 15th to May 16th. Most coins often lose market value during the release of tokens into the market. However, 

BitDAO has shown consistent resistance to market changes over the past few months. Even with a release of over 187 million, the price has covered the ranges of $0.5 and $0.6. Owing to its steady price performance, investors’ confidence may sour regarding the potential of the coin in the foreseeable future, and this may not only keep the gains but also increase the surge over the same period. The coin holds the reputation of being the largest DAO in the world.

6. yPredict 


Presale investors may want to keep an eye on yPredict. The coin may become one of the few AI-based coins to cash in on the growing interest in AI tokens. YPredict debuted as one of the first to integrate artificial intelligence with blockchain technology.

It has also moved to join the ranks of coin presale launches to raise over $1 million in recent times. 

From the growing trends, it’s possible that recent interest in AI tech will trigger a massive rally in the value of AI-based blockchain platforms like yPredict. yPredict also provides utility for itself. Its offers AI backed data to traders for improved market decision. Its  technology to analyze market performance and help traders maximize profit through effective data analysis.

7. Algorand (ALGO)


Algorand may have started this year with some serious issues with the Securities and Exchange Commission. However, updates as of May 16 show that it’s picking up steam and may see a rallying performance in the coming days and weeks. Algorand was in its way to being the next penny cryptocurrency to Explode before landing in the SEC’s net. The cryptocurrency faced challenges when the Securities and Exchange Commission decided to list it as a security rather than a cryptocurrency asset.

However, despite its challenge with the SEC, ALGO saw a price increase that took its price from $0.17 in 2022 to a new high of $0.29. The resilience in price may have picked up the interest of cryptocurrency investors as the price has continued to improve across the year without much impact from its SEC tussle.

Over the past few months, investors have seen an increase of over 70% in the value of ALGO, with a 24-hour gain of over 1.5% compared to the same time yesterday. However, it’s advisable for investors to tread lightly while dealing with coins like Alogrand, as its issues with the SEC could quickly drain market interest in the coin.

Algorand is listed on eToro.

8. DeeLance (DLANCE) 


On our list of top-performing coins for May 16th is the Deelance (DLANCE) token. Deelance is creating massive utility for NFT and bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and business communities worldwide through its freelancing platform.

Many crypto networks may create utility for their tokens through community platforms. , Dlance flows a different path by integrating utility within its own network. The platform allows freelancers and employers to complete transactions in DLANCE, which is the native cryptocurrency of the platform. 

Even though Deelance is still in its presale phase, the growing interest in work-from-home and freelancing opportunities is driving interest in decentralized freelancing platforms. Many employers seek to have more control over their earnings. Signals like this contribute to the growing rally for DLANCE tokens. 

As of May 16th, the Deelance platform had successfully raised over $880k in presale within 46 days of its launch. The presale success so far is an indicator of potential future interest in the platform and its native token.

9. Litecoin 


Litecoin has seen a price growth of over 6% in the last 24 hours. This recent growth is due to some new innovation on the Litecoin network. It just implemented its own ordinal protocol, which is intended to double as its own token standard. The protocol would give the Litecoin community the capability to mint NFTs and other multimedia within the network. Also, following the introduction of LTC-20 standards, many investors envisaged growing interest in the coin.

True to their expectations, we’ve seen an increase in the volume of activities around the Litecoin network, which recently raised the daily transaction volume to as high as 576,000. Growing interest in the coin may not subside anytime soon, as there are prospects for more Web3-compliant innovation around the bitcoin network.

Litecoin listed on eToro.

10. Ecoterra 

Analysts believe that newer eco friendly coins like Ecoterra may replace the likes of Ethereum in the coming years. Even though it may sound like an exaggerated assumption, it may end up being the next big cryptocurrency not to be too far from the truth. With growing concern for the environment and the future of the platform. Investors may develop a bias toward coins that promise to preserve the environment and ecosystem.

Ecoterra has garnered love from climate-conscious investors. Within 45 days of the presale launch, Ecoterra has raised over $3.5 million in funding, and the next stage will be entered once the $3.9 million mark is passed. Such early investor demand shows that Ecoterra may be a coin to watch.

11. Troll Face (TROLL)

Troll Face

Troll Face, or TROLL, being one of the quietly launched cryptocurrencies of 2023, came into the limelight following its fun and meme culture across Twitter and other social media. In today’s market watch, we’ve identified the potential for Bitcoin to be one of the next meme cryptocurrencies to explode. With the likes of Elon Musk playing around with the troll hashtags, one could easily observe that there may soon be a growing rally around the coin from fun-loving communities and enthusiasts. 

Troll Face is still within the price range of $0.000000008524, making it an easy pick for any investor looking to enter the meme market. While Troll Coin may not be a high value coin, it’s showing that it may thrive in meme coin space. With the growing community and interest on social media, the price may pick up in the coming months and years. Part of the factors forcing the downwards movements of the troll face price in recent time is the unspecified utility of the coin. 

Besides, there is no known governing infrastructure or community to rally its debut. According to its white paper, the coin may introduce a range of merchandise to its community of holders in the phase 3 of its progress. The merchandise is intended to create utility for the coin. In addition to the merchandise, the coin would also see an introduction of a Troll Academy to serve as an educational wing for the community.

 Also there are plans to set up troll tools which would be published within the community. All these initiatives would go into effect when the community passes the 100,000 mark. Part of the plans to improve the values of the coin in the future is a move towards listing the coin in tier 1 listings. It would create wider options for Troll coin holders. However, as of 16th may, Troll Coin has shown signs of improving value and more gains may be coming over the week. 

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