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Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Thursday 18 May – Mask Network, Axie Infinity, Optimism


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Since our last next cryptocurrency to explore post, a range of price changes has taken place across the market in the last 24 hours. Many of our price predictions from yesterday held true. This morning, we saw upward trends in the prices of coins like the Render Token, which went up by 18%. Newer memecoin like the Generational Wealth token also took the market by surprise as its price jumped by a whooping 138% today.

Likewise, MASK recorded a gain of over 10% in the last 24 hours, challenging the dominance of top performing coins in the market. Surprisingly, while some investors are still hoping for the emergence of the next big cryptocurrency, projects like yPredict are gradually gathering momentum. The token amassed over $300,000 funds in a 48 hours period, despite being in its stage 5 of presale launch. Some of these updates and many others are captured on this post. 

Next Cryptocurrency to Explode 

Today has ushered in a new wave of explosive performance of cryptocurrencies across the board. Below is a curated list of best performing cryptocurrency in the last 24 hours. 

1. Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity has been listed on the Apple App Store. Read our full separate story on that here.

2. Render Token (RNDR) 

Yesterday, Render Token appeared on our list of the next crypto coins to explode. It has witnessed a steady growth over the last 7 days, raising its price upwards of $2. Even though Render Token is still very far from its all time high of $7.4 its not showing any sign its gains would decline in the coming days. 

Increased activities across the Render Network contributes to its gains. It also enjoyed immense exposure in the just concluded non-fungible token events, held in the US. The event may have launched a new positive perception of the coin. 

The rise in price may continue as creators on the Render network demand for more GPUs. As the demand increases, so does the demand for ERC-20. Also, next generation VR projects and CGIs may use the Render Token platform extensively. The prospect of such moves is creating investor interest in the Render Token. 

Render Token

Considering the trend so far, most metaverse imagery would take place on  high end computing. In the meantime, Installing in-house infrastructure may be a burdensome undertaking to most companies. Therefore, leveraging third-party platforms like Render Network would definitely increase the demand for. Its coin. Apple Inc is believed to be in talks with the platform. With such partnership in place, we may still witness an increase in price throughout the day and for the rest of the week. It would also result in a rise in demand for platforms. Most of these expectations are the reason for the recent  RNDR bullish run. 

As of this morning, Render Token has a 24 hours trading volume of $279,357,728 USD which is significantly up compared to what we saw a week ago. Its price moved up by 16% over what it was 24 hours ago. We believe that this price may continue going up throughout the day and for the rest of the week. 

As predicted in the list of next crypto to explode on 17th May, Render Token stayed on the upward trend.

3. Mask Network (MASK)

Mask Network is appearing on our list of next cryptocurrency to explode again this week. In the last 24 hours, we’ve seen an increase of 10% in the value of MASK. Surprisingly, investors are not quite bullish about the price changes as scepticism continues across board. The month-long dip experienced by the coin may justify investor’s fears. As of this morning, Mask Network price stands at $4.44 USD and its trading volume has grown to $198,747,214 USD. 

As a social media utility token, we may see the coin gaining more momentum as the trending news of Twitter updates continues to influence the market. Mask Network protocol is designed to give social media users, especially Facebook and Twitter, the ability to send encrypted messages on social media platforms. 

The market might become even more bullish if Twitter pushes through with its video call and voice call features. As a general rule, the arrival of voice and video calls on the twitter platform would ignite a scramble for increased privacy across the platform. MASK protocol is positioned to become the goto service provider. While this remains a speculative prediction, it may as well become a trigger for its demand over the coming days. 

Likewise, Mask Network is creating a more robust utility for its coin by optimising its ecommerce functionality. It’s also bolstering its social media performance. On top of that, it recently announced an investment in The Open Network (TON) as a way to further enhance its encryption solution. TON is an innovative project seeking to blend Web2, Web3 and the blockchain technology into a broad open network. 

Use cases of the platform are already in place on Telegram where it allows users to generate anonymous phone numbers. As the shift from Web2 and Web3 is gradually taking hold, social media platforms may begin to see the need to leverage third-party encryption services like Mask Network rather than building an in-house solution. With its investment in Ton, Mask Network would fully enter the cross-section of Web2 and Web3. Therefore, it gains future value for its coin.

4. yPredict (YPRED) 

yPredict recently announced that it has crossed the $1million millstone. The project has raised over $300,000 in just a day, which attest to our prediction that it might be another explosive coin to watch . The funding started with an immense speed and quickly crossed the million dollar mark in less than six stages. Still in its stage 5 presale phase, it is showing signs of becoming a massive winner. 

The popularity of the yPredict presale stems from its integration of artificial into blockchain. As an AI-based project,  it leverages the capabilities of blockchain to help traders make better market decisions. The utility would create a massive demand for the product as we’ve seen rising interest in algo trading. 

5. Optimism (OP) 


Following an all time high of $1.86 yesterday, Optimism continues to wax strong. It has remained in the region of $1.8 for two days in a row. The coin gathered a trading volume of $196,113,972 USD in the last 24 hours. Consequently, the price of Optimism increased by 7%. The leap from 3% to 7% growth in 24 hours comes as a surprise as its comparative performance over the month has not been encouraging. It prompts the decision to include OP in our list of coins to watch for the second time in a week. Optimism is a layer 2 Ethereum blockchain project that benefits immensely from the protocol upgrade in the ethereum network. 

There is still growing scepticism among investors about the potential of Optimism. The comparative performance of Optimism (OP) to other coins in its category is quite low. Lido DAO, for example, continued its week-long gains that started from last week. Whereas, Optimism has gone from boom to bust several times within the month. Likewise, its price has continued on an unabated downward movement. In wise can we dispute that could become the new cryptocurrencies in the ethereum network to see a price jump. However, investing in Optimism could require further observation. 

6. DeeLance (DLANCE) 

Deelance, symbol DLANCE, may easily become the next penny cryptocurrency to explode. We featured its presale earlier this week as a coin to watch and it has since continued to gain massive traction on social media. Still in its stage 3 of  presale, it has raised $923,167.19 of its target $1,200,000. Without doubt the momentum building up around the coin may cause a massive price leap at launch. 

Generally, cryptocurrencies build utility on the value of the coin. Unlike memecoins, DLANCE’s value comes from its use within the network. However, Deelance breaks the norm by instituting a revolutionary blockchain platform that gives freelancers and employers the power to interact without interference from third party or platform limitation. The platform governs the activities of users through the Dlance which is the native token of the platform. 

Deelance hopes to build a worldwide community of workforce with total control over their time, work and income. As the trend towards remote work gains public acceptance, it’s likely to see increasing interest in decentralised freelancing platforms like Deelance. Also, the appleaning feature of the platform is its massive integration of the web3.0 technology. With advanced web interfacing, it’s likely we see VR being put to extensive use in the freelancing sector. Buying the Deelance at this stage would not only position investors for massive gain, it also gives them access to what could be the work platform of the future.

7. Immutable (IMX) 

Immutable, IMX, is appearing on our list for the first time this week. It began to show massive price jumps in the early parts of this week after the Ethereum protocol upgrade went into operation. It continued its growth with a 4% increase yesterday and has continued upwards to a gain of 6% as of today. The trend coincides with what we’ve seen over the past 7 days. 

Notwithstanding the protracted downward trend it experienced since the beginning of the month, Immutable began changing direction a few weeks ago. Its price as of this morning pushed into $0.8 and recorded a trading volume of $24,465,102. Now may be the time to jump on the trend as IMX is likely to hold its position throughout the day. 

There are reasons to believe that the token is gathering momentum for what might be a week-long bullish run. Being an NFTs solution, Immutable continues to see a price rally since the announcement of  changes to ethereum network. 

The implementation of Shappella protocol resulted in bullish reactions within the layer 2 platforms in the Ethereum network. Since its Launch in 2021, Immutable has brought a whooping 10x value to its investors. You can buy Immutable on eToro.

8. Synthetix (SNX)


Synthetix, SNX, began an upward trend earlier this week and has continued unrestrained into the last 24 hours. It appeared on our list yesterday after it saw an increase of almost 5%. Many have feared that the month-long dip the coin has endured would continue to the end of the month. However, we are now witnessing what would likely be a bullish run. As we’ve reported yesterday, the price rebounce and tended towards its all-time high of 30 days. It still continued the trend today as the crypto price approached $2.5 gaining 9% and 24 hour trading volume of $79,956,634.

Synthetix platform being a decentralised exchange platform holds more value to options traders who are currently bearish in the market. Their behaviour stems from various impending demands for a regulated cryptocurrency market in the UK and USA. While the fear rages on, the upgrades across the Ethereum network has equally created an improvement in the demand for layer 2 services across the network. Its effect is what we’re seeing in the price of Synthetix. 

In addition to that, the Synthetix community has been making efforts to improve the performance of the coin. The recent call across the network brought a reorientation to the performance of the coin. The call resulted in a decision to launch further development across the network. Lydra also is still pushing forward with its initiative to integrate its protocol into the Synthetix network. The success of the initiative may push the recent spike in price even further.  It’s unlikely that the price improvement will abate anytime soon. You can buy Synthetix on eToro

9. Generational Wealth (GEN) 

Generational wealth is a new trending namecoin that recently caught public attention. Its price has seen a surge of over 138% in the last 24 hours due to the massive purchase. We have reasons to believe that this might become the next meme cryptocurrency to explode. Its cheap price is ideal for first time cryptocurrency investors. While we’re still watching how the price performs in the coming days there, we could see consistent growth as other memecoins have shown positive price movement in the past few days. In the meantime, the philosophy of helping the community create wealth that spans across generations seems to fuel a purchase trend that still continues to rise. 

10. RobotEra (TARO) 

Investing in gaming tokens would be one of the best decisions investors can make in this era of web3. Impending moves like Apple mixed reality headset may create immense demand in this gaming market. One of the presale tokens that’s gathering positive public acclaim is the RobotEra, TARO. In just two stages of its presale, it has raised over  $1.2 million. This move shows what’s coming in the nearest feature. Categorically, the rising interest in memecoins already indicates that the web3 would be more biassed towards fun. Technically, RobotEra is a metaverse sand-box project that provides an immersive gaming experience to players. Utility is provided for the TARO within the game as gamers make in-app purchases. Game governance and exchanges are also denominated in 

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