Netflix Producer Wants to Create a Better Crypto Flick

Netflix Producer Wants to Create a Better Crypto Flick
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The blockchain technology has penetrated just about every single facet of our daily lives; education, government, international aid, finance, technology, and much more.

What’s stopping it from entering into the movie and entertainment space? Well, as it would turn out, movie producer Kyle Tekiela seems to be getting ready to give it go and explore the possibility of making a movie with Bitcoin. On Friday, the award-winning producer posted an offer via a tweet to some notable names within the cryptocurrency world, asking if they’ll be willing to partner financially with him using donations in just Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin.

Now, it is essential to note that Tekiela didn’t specify whether his new movie would be about Bitcoin– or really, any other digital currency at that. Essentially, it seems he wants to receive funding for a project (which, again, he didn’t name) in cryptocurrency, work on it, and pay all the investors their returns using cryptocurrencies as well. His tweet got quite a lot of attention, including a commitment to star from Demetrius Shipp Jr., the man who played legendary rapper Tupac Skahur in the biopic “All Eyez On Me. ” A  separate comment by Defrost- a notable name in the global crypto industry- asked whether the upcoming project will be about digital assets or if it will be unrelated. Defrost even offered some professional production assistance if the former turns out to be the case.

Still, no one knows. If he does choose to make a movie about digital assets, there sure is the possibility that he could make things work. His flick won’t be the first for sure, but would most likely be the first to get positive reviews (especially from movie lovers within the global crypto industry). The most popular movie about digital assets to date is “Crypto.” Starring notable actors such as Luke Hemsworth and Kurt Russell, the movie details the story of a Wall Street banker who is drawn into investigating a fraud and corruption case in his hometown.

However, even with a mildly star-studded cast and a thrilling trailer, “Crypto” ended up being heavily criticized, with most reviewers complaining about its negative portrayal of cryptocurrencies and the fact that its makers didn’t seem to even understand the subject of the movie. Who knows? Maybe Tekeila could be the person who would finally break the jinx and make a crypto-centric movie that could get things right? He sure seems to have the ingredients for it; he’s a decent producer (if his awards repertoire is anything to go by), and he seems to be enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies.

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