“Neither SegWit nor BU can Activate”

By Lutpin Apr 26, 2017 5:00 PM EDT

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We can’t see any signs that the scaling conflict will be settled cordially and end soon. Coin Telegraph was able to interview Rhett Creighton, a Blockchain engineer who used to support Bitcoin Unlimited (BTU) but left because of recent events. Coin Telegraph’s primary question was whether BTU is against Bitcoin or not.


Rhett Creighton said it’s unfair to accuse BTU of being against BTC. The objective of Bitcoin Unlimited is to establish another consensus mechanism that will facilitate upgrade of protocols in BTC. The short-term target is to increase the blocksize. However, users believe this type of blocksize limit (emerging consensus) will destroy the currency. Thus some people do not favor Bitcoin Unlimited and claim the upgrades are anti-BTC while alternative coins grab market share.

At present, there are no specifications in Bitcoin protocols. There is an implementation that began from the original code base of Satoshi. This is called BITCOIND and hosted on GitHub. Rhett Creighton believes two to five individuals have committed access to this depository. Another implementation is BTCD written in Golang although developers of BITCOIND insist theirs is the real version. If other people push BTCD, this must be bug to bug compatible with BITCOIND.

This condition does not apply to Ethereum. ETH has a reference specification. Anybody can produce clients (open-source or closed) provided it follows specs. A group of small developers are actual curators of BITCOIND. The goal of Bitcoin Unlimited is to decentralize dependence on the single code base and adopt a model wherein miners will agree on BTC specifications. Patched versions of BITCOIND and BTCD will function as full nodes for as long as these will conform to consensus considerations of the network. Creighton revealed he doesn’t work on or follow BTU’s implementation. Thus, he is not aware of plans about

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