The intuitive minds at Nametoken have created the first domain ecosystem.  This virtual ecosystem will allow regular individuals to now get in on the huge profits made in the domain registry industry.  The internet is filled with stories of well-positioned domain-treprenuers making a fortune from their investments.  Domains such as can fetch a hefty price tag with this one in particular selling for $35 million in 2007.  Until recently, this was a niche market that took allot of funding and research for you to pursue.  Getting a piece of the Domain industry pie was regulated to luck for most people but not anymore.

How Nametoken Works

Nametoken is looking to bring the profitability of the domain industry to your doorstep by purchasing high-demand domains and reselling them to future clients after they have accrued value.  What used to be a huge individual investment can now be spread across multiple investors thanks to Nametoken’s upcoming ICO.

Nametoken’s staff is no stranger to the domain registry industry and their team has over 20 years of experience in domain investing.  This experience is coupled with a unique mobile interface that allows investors to relay their input on certain domain names and their ROI potential.  Users who participate receive additional tokens helping to keep the fluidity of thought concise between investors and Nametoken’s staff.

In addition to these features, Nametoken will provide a decentralized hosting service that will include encryption technology.  This service is designed to be offered at a competitive rate that adds to the overall appeal of Nametoken’s strategy.


Nametoken’s journey officially begins with their ICO that started this month.  This ICO will extend until September 30th, 2017.  Once completed the experts at Nametoken will begin making their first domain purchases.  Next, the mobile app will be incorporated in the second quarter of 2018.   By following this implementation strategy Nametoken is able to maximize their profits and grow accordingly.

The Strategy Behind the ICO

Unlike a traditional ICO, 90% of the tokens offered are available to the public.  These deflationary tokens are to be sold and 50% the profit reinvested into the tokens.  By utilizing 50% of the profits to buy back more coins the value of the coins will be raised even higher.  The remaining balance will be used for reinvestment purposes.

Mobile Is the Move

What really makes Nametoken’s ICO unique is their mobile platform that rewards you for participation.  Additional NAT tokens will be distributed to investors for their participation.  This allows Nametoken to leverage the value of the mobile app’s features to its fullest extent.  Now you can protect your investment and have your voice heard.  It is exactly this type of innovative thinking that is sure to make Nametoken’s ICO a huge success across all spectrums of the industry.

Blockchain Technology

By utilizing the Ethereum’s Blockchain technology, Nat tokens can accomplish additional tasks such as those found in smart contracts.  This means that all transactions will be backed up by smart contracts preventing any loss of data. Blockchain technology has the ability to revolutionize the web hosting industry and Nametoken is at the forefront of making these changes occur.  In a world desperately in need of decentralization, Nametoken is a shining beacon of what creative minds coupled with cutting edge technology can accomplish.

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