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Monero has an aggressive six month hard fork cycle which pushes innovation consistently.Monero’s hard fork scheduled in the coming days, which you can check the status of here: packs a punch. Bitcoin seems fine as the pseudonymous cryptocurrency at the moment, and development innovation has been difficult with battling social media wars, and slow adoption of Seg-Wit. While privacy enhancements will likely be added, it will take time and the talented Monero development team is seizing the opportunity pushing updates across the board, not just privacy enhancements. The community is smaller, the network is smaller, and this allows a scheduled hard fork every six months, meaning big change can happen at an expected rate.

If you thought Monero only innovated on privacy you’re wrong, the team is advancing all components.

The GUI wallet was one of the first greatly desired components and an early version is available. Many privacy coins have become over complex, and relied solely on the innovation of complex algorithms for privacy. With a crowded space now in privacy it takes a more diverse outlook. In the upcoming release tagged Wolfram Warptangent, Monero includes compact blocks, dynamic fees, enhancements to complete GUI wallet functionality, a Ring-CT overhaul among others. The more complete implementation of Ring Signatures adds a more mathematically robust solution offering stronger privacy unfettered by current attack mechanisms. On top of that Monero already has a flexible blocksize in the case of needed scaling, plans for boarder chains, or custom created sidechains by the monero team, and additional support for privacy protocols like i2p.

Zcash’s complexity makes it ideal for a quantum computing future but stalls development.

It’s true Monero doesn’t compete on the level of Zcash in terms of quantum computing resistance. However, the math is difficult to peer-review, and will

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